Why so much attention is being given to these three categories? In fact, all transgender women remain the same beautiful and attractive no matter which status of sex changing operation they have.

Moreover, most of men who get into serious relationships with them do that not for living out some fantasy, but because they have sincere feelings to their transsexual girlfriends. However, lack of knowledge and awareness about basic transgender concepts may lead to misunderstandings and may even affect your relationship. We at MyTransgenderCupid always seek to make such things clear, especially for guys who have recently joined transsexual dating. So next information you may find helpful if you want to feel comfortable while dating trans girls.

Be careful with SRS topic

Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) has nothing to do with a feminine look of transgender women, and they don’t become more trans or less trans no matter they are pre-op, post-op or non-op. However, it’s a very sensitive topic which requires a special attention and delicate approach. Don’t touch this topic on the first date or on the early stage of dating. Better get to know your partner as a personality, and discuss this subject when the time is right.

Considering that the most intimate part of the body of trans woman, her genitalia, undergo replacement through SRS, the decision on this matter should belong only her. For some trans women this surgery is the one and ultimate way to transition and to feel confident in front of society. Another feel enough self-assured accepting their own bodies with male genitalia. That’s why, don’t try to impose them your mindset or somehow to affect their decision.

Long way of transformation

The process of transitioning is long and time-consuming, and depends on how trans woman is passable as a woman or looking as transsexual. Feminization is much more than just wearing a nice dress and applying make-up. Once again, transgender women shouldn’t be confused with crossdressers!

The process of transformation into woman (at least in appearance, because on the inside they are already women) usually goes slowly and needs time and patience. Basically it includes female hormone therapy and different cosmetic procedures. With the help of estrogen injections transsexual girls can improve their skin appearance, making it smoother and softer, develop small breasts, and achieve the overall feminine features. The final result of hormone therapy often depends on their genetic predisposition to look feminine, meaning by that, smaller body, a little facial and body hair, softer voice.

Unfortunately, sometimes estrogen therapy doesn’t give that sufficient effect to make transsexual girl enough confident with her new role. In this case, some trans women will resort to cosmetic surgery which can give them a truly feminine appearance. The most common steps here include breasts implants, hip enhancement, some face feminization, and developing any kind of other feminine curves and features.

In conclusion, we can say that all transgender women deserve to be treated as women no matter if their appearance enough feminine or not. They can be only on the different stage of their transformation. Being aware of this and treating them with respect will help you to avoid embarrassing or regrettable situations, and will help you to find your true soulmate!