“Hey Julie, do you still have your profile listed on Transgender dating site?” asked Fabio, my boyfriend.

“It’s New Year and we’ve been together six months’ already.”

“Hmm, actually, I’m not sure. I did tell them I was in a long-term relationship now. So, I said they can either mark my profile as “unavailable” or remove it. Let me check. But why do you ask?”

“No reason really. It’s just that I read an article last night saying that the growth rate in the number of men looking for Transgender women to date is growing exponentially. In fact, it’s the biggest growth sector in on-line dating. Seems like everyone wants to date a Trans woman, especially around New Year,” Fabio laughed. “Guess I’m a lucky guy to have found you when I did.”

Trans women are really very special

“That’s what I told you at the beginning,” I smiled and went and sat on Fabio’s lap. “Trans-women are very special you know. We are women through and through but sometimes can think like a man. Plus, as you know, we really know what men like,” I added, slipping my hand between Fabio’s thighs and feeling his body react as my hand rubbed his upper legs.

“Mmm…, nice,” murmured Fabio. “Keep doing that….” He kissed my cheek and I felt a thrill course through my body just like the first time he’d touched me. “I’m so glad I met you, Julie. You are the perfect Trans woman for me!”

“What else did the article say?”

“Oh, just that there are more and more online Transgender dating sites appearing almost every day. Men are spoilt for choice nowadays. But why did you join MyTransgenderCupid and not one of the other sites?” Fabio asked.

There are numerous advantages of joining a Trans dating site

“Well, it was quite an easy choice really. Let me just give you some of the best reasons:

  • three or four of my Trans friends had recommended it as they had all met nice, genuine men on the site;
  • it was quick and easy to join. Literally, within minutes of filling in my user name and password, I was a member. Loading my profile took a bit longer but that was only as I couldn’t make my mind up which photographs to display;
  • I knew for sure that all of the men on the site knew they were looking at T-girls. So, there was no chance of anyone coming back to me later and complaining “You didn’t tell me you were Transgender.”;
  • coupled with this last point was that I felt safer and more secure knowing that I could get to know a man like you reasonably well before we actually met. I learned a lot about you, about your career, hobbies, likes and dislikes even before we got together. The same for you too. You said you felt you’d already known me for a long time before we physically met;
  • I think we both agree on how much time joining an online Transgender dating site saves. Just imagine if we’d had to hang around clubs and bars looking for each other. Ha…, we probably would never have met! The chances of meeting someone remotely nice or interesting in a club are tiny;
  • another thing I like is that most men on the site seem to understand Trans women. I think most have done some homework or research and understand that Trans women are fundamentally women. Just because some of us have an extra body part or don’t have our breasts does not mean that we are not women. And, once many Transgender women have had all of the necessary surgeries, it’s hard to differentiate us physically from genetic women;
  • there are also very few fake profiles which I know is a problem for some other dating sites. People add profiles just to try to lure other members away to do other things or take advantage of them. I know MyTransgenderCupid has a strict policy on this. But it also seems they have new members every day with new Trans women finding men very quickly. And vice versa. Think about us. I listed my profile and within about 7 days had over 20 replies. You contacted me on the second day and we were “dating” by the end of the first week. Genuine Transgender women are looking for genuine men, it’s quite simple really!
  • finally, the admin of the dating site is important too. There is someone there to turn to if a problem or a question and they normally respond very quickly. In fact, I will check if my profile is still up on the site. I really can’t recall if I told them I’d found a nice man or not. Must be getting old if I keep forgetting things!”

My Transgender Cupid

 “Hmm, maybe check with the TS Dating site MyTransgenderCupid Admin later. I was enjoying what you were doing with your hand before. Let’s finish up with that first,” said Fabio, as he put both arms around my neck and pulled me tightly towards him. “It can be our New Year’s resolution to do this every day!”

I melted into his arms and we rolled on to the floor….