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The essentials about Dating Trans-women

If you are a member of MyTransgenderCupid or just have an initial interest in Dating Trans woman, you may be interested to know more about the background of Transgender women. There has been a surge in awareness and visibility of Trans women, certainly over the last five or six years. With Transgender women appearing on TV, in films and in magazines, it’s perhaps not surprising that more and more men are looking to date Transgender women.

This, of course, means that more channels such as specialized dating sites for Trans women are being established. MyTransgenderCupid is one of the best-known Trans women dating sites and is seeing continual growth in its membership base.

But what about the Trans women themselves? What are they all about? If you haven't met a Transgender woman yet or are contemplating trying to date a Trans woman, let us give you some pointers. If we had to try to define being Transgender, it can be described as having a mismatch between one's physical appearance and one's mind and emotional/behavioural set up. Medically this is known as gender dysphoria.

The prefix "Trans" is actually derived from Latin. It means across or through or beyond. For Trans women the best application is probably Transgender which can be read as "across genders". Trans women, therefore, are considered by many to be part male and part female. In reality, most Trans women are emotionally and, after surgery, physically female.

If you care to look back through history you can easily find out that Trans women have been around for thousands of years. Go back to the Ancient Greek or Roman or Chinese societies and you will find references to males who either dressed or presented as females. Emperors and other high-ranking men or soldiers often had Trans mistresses or lovers. Being Trans in ancient times often carried a special status and you can see this in some of the Native Indian or Pacific Island societies. People of the "third gender" in such societies are revered for their ability to understand both the male and female psyche.

The prefix "Trans" is actually derived from Latin. It means across or through or beyond.

There are a variety of terms in use for Trans women

Even though Trans women have been acknowledged since time immemorial, the names used for them have evolved as languages have evolved. This may have been due to changing attitudes, greater knowledge and research about Trans matters and societal trends.

Certainly, in the last 50 or so years, terms such as the following have been used, been discarded and been adapted, become unacceptable and so on. We have had: crossdressers, Transvestites, Transsexual, Trans women, T-girls, Transgender women, even "gender non-conforming" women. There have also been terms which are more derogatory such as "she-males" or "chicks with dicks" which reflect some of the unfounded prejudices which still prevail in general society about Trans women.

Trans women come from all walks of life. They may be surgeons or taxi drivers, postmen or engineers. They may come from the higher levels of society and be wealthy or they may not. Academically, Trans women are equally diverse, with some Trans women having PhDs and some barely completing high school. Trans women may have white or black skin, and be from one of a variety of races such as Mongoloid or Caucasian. Finally, Trans women may live in the US, the UK, Sweden Germany, Hungary or wherever. In short, Transgender women are everywhere and form a relatively consistent percentage of any country's population.

Trans women are really diverse in what makes them Trans

There is no definitive reason as to what makes a Trans woman. It is now widely accepted that more than likely it is genetic. Being Trans cannot be changed and is irreversible. It is as much part of a person's identify and make-up as having red hair or green eyes.

Two things that confuse many people about being a Trans woman are the different "degrees" of being Trans and the sexuality of a Transgender women. Turning to the first point: some Trans women never have surgery. They may take female hormones to enhance their feminine appearance but never go "under the knife". Yet, other Trans-women deem it essential to have breast implants and genital reconstructive surgery to be "complete women". Then they have a fully working vagina and ample breasts. In the middle of these two extremes, there are Trans women who may have breast surgery but keep their penises. This may be for spiritual or cost reasons or simply as they are content to use their penis as a point of difference from other women.

As you’d expect this leads to the sexuality and choice of sex partners of Trans women. Some Trans women only like and will only sleep with men. Others are comfortable with men or women and yet other Transgender girls can be seen as a lesbian, in that they only like women. Diversity is, certainly, the spice of life!

Trans-women dating on My Transgender Cupid

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