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The best dating tips for Trans-women and Trans-oriented men

Start something real with MyTransgenderCupid now! Do you plan to start online Trans dating soon and could you use some tips? Or do you need help to start to date? Our dating tips might help you to find your perfect soulmate and the love of your life.

Beauty tips for trans-women

Beauty tips for trans-women

Beauty tips for transgender women - tips on makeup, facial and how to dress up before going out. Written for trans-women by a Trans-women

TS dating tip profile

Improve your profile on a TS dating site

You created a profile on a dating site hoping for a date or perhaps a relationship for life. But after a week, hardly any people...

datingtip username

Pick a standout username

In this article we are going to talk about how to use an original and catchy username for your online TS dating profile

My Transgender Cupid

Best online dating tips to date Trans-women

A recent survey about dating Transgender women revealed that it is the dating area with the highest rate of growth across all dating sectors.

online ts dating

Top 5 myths about online TS dating

Dating Transgender women, or men attracted to such women, online has become a popular form of dating in the world. But there are myths surrounding TS dating.

7 dating tips

Good and bad photos on your Trans Dating profile

At the risk of sounding superficial, most Transgender woman and Trans attracted men will make an initial judgment about a potential partner by their profile photos.

7 dating tips

7 great reasons to try online Trans dating

We are going to give you 7 great reasons to join an online TS dating service and get started looking for the new love of your life - My Transgender Cupid - Dating tips for Trans-women and Trans-oriented men

dating profile

10 things to avoid when using a Trans dating site

When you joined a Trans Dating site like MyTransgenderCupid it is almost certainly your aim is to find a beautiful Transgender woman to date. Or a Trans attracted man if you are a Trans woman.

trans dating profile

Reasons to be honest on a Trans dating profile

To help you maximise the benefits of being a member of MyTransgenderCupid you should always make a complete and honest profile. We give you 5 reasons why to be honest.

ideal trans-woman

The ideal Transgender woman for you

There are Trans women members from all over the world looking to date men. Naturally, their physical characteristics vary and such women may be tall or short, have blue eyes or...

Trans dating profile

The right photo for your Trans dating profile

How do you want to present yourself on your Trans dating profile on MyTransgenderCupid? But what about their personalities? If you are serious about dating and finding love, then...


Making a great profile on a Trans datingsite

If you have already joined or are about to join MyTransgenderCupid, your profile is the first thing a member looking to find a dating partner will see. If you are a Transgender woman or...

Trans dating profile

Building a great dating profile

One of the first things you have to do after joining MyTransgenderCupid,is start to build your profile. Getting the right words together and combining them with a flattering photo are the first steps.

Trans dating

Get noticed on a Trans dating site

There are lots of Transgender women and Trans attracted men on MyTransgenderCupid. All looking for a long-term relationship with their own special person—and love!


Top 10 tips for your online TS dating profile

To maximize the number of responses you get, you need to make your dating profile on My Transgender Cupid stand out. But, what do you have to put in your online profile to make...


Would a straight man date a Trans woman?

You only have to look through the profiles of men on MyTransgenderCupid to know that there are wide variety of men who are prepared to date a Trans woman.


Tell your friends you are dating a Trans-woman

Dating a Transgender woman is a new experience for many men. In many ways it is the same as dating a genetic woman. But with certain added benefits, or challenges, depending on...


Best ways to find a Trans-woman for a relationship

Have you ever asked yourself why it’s so terribly difficult to find the true love you are looking for? Do you stand in front of your mirror and ask yourself this question over and over again?


Just joined a Transgender dating site, what now?

Once you have found an online transgender dating site you want to join, you will have to create your online dating profile for others to read and if written well, they will want to contact you.


Transgender Dating Relationship Advice

With an abundance of information thanks to the rise of the internet about Transgender Dating. We know that Transsexual women and gentlemen look for things to follow to guide their relationship.


Use your magic on your Trans dating photo

Most people take their profile picture for granted and choose anything that is within their gallery. A profile photo might be the most important feature of your profile - so make it count!

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