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7 great reasons to try online TS dating

For any Transgender woman or Trans oriented man looking to date, MyTransgenderCupid is really the only way to find a genuine long-term partner.

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Think about it. You have been trying for years to find a Trans woman in clubs or bars or other public places without success. Or, if you are a Transgender woman, you may have found one or two men interested in Trans dating. But how long did this take you? And did the relationship work out?

So, if you are Trans or a Trans attracted single and you don't want to stay that way, now is the time to try online dating. And what better place to start than MyTransgenderCupid?

We are now going to give you 7 great reasons to join an online dating service and get started looking for the new love of your life:

1 Save your valuable time

In today’s modern world, everyone seems so busy all of the time. Why waste time getting ready and hanging around places where you might, just might, meet a beautiful Transgender woman or a handsome Trans oriented man?

You can do all this from the comfort of your home, sitting behind your keyboard, picking out 5, 10, 15 potential partners. You can chat with them and, when the time is right, meet up with those on your final shortlist.

Online TS dating is so much easier, right?


2 Specify what you want in your new partner

You’ve probably got a fair idea what you want in your new lover. What he/she should looks like, likes/dislikes; what he/she finds important and what type of job they do.

With the comprehensive search functions on MyTransgenderCupid you can easily screen out those other members who meet your requirements. Also remember you are going to come into contact with people that you probably would not have encountered in real life, so your choices are much more varied. He/she may be from your home town, city, country or even overseas;


3 You have tried everywhere else

Think back how long you have been looking for an eligible, Trans attracted man. Weeks, months, years? Or have you lost count of the time you have been searching for a Trans woman who is single and looking to date?

You may have tried multi-ways to find a suitable date. Been to nightclubs, joined courses, tried singles clubs. Maybe asked friends, relatives, work colleagues to help. And all the time a great selection of available Transgender women has been on online dating sites, and you didn’t check them out…. Same for those genuine men looking to date Trans women;

4 You can get to know someone BEFORE you meet

You may be shy, you may not be. You may not like to take the first step and approach a Trans woman when you are out. Or you don’t want Trans attracted men coming up to you when they don’t appeal to you.

One beauty of online dating is that you can get to know as much as you want about the other person before you meet. Ask them 10 questions or 20. Make a judgement if there is chemistry between you. Does he make you laugh? Is she intelligent and fun?

Then, once you are satisfied, you can arrange to meet. Or not if you don’t feel comfortable. A perfect way to start to date;

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5 Almost everything else is online, why not dating Trans women?

The way the world is nowadays, people shop for gifts, clothes, air-tickets, even groceries online. Pay bills, book holidays and so on.

So, if you are looking to date a new person, why not try online dating? More choice of potential partners. Transgender women from all over your country, maybe even from other countries. Trans oriented men from all sorts of professions and backgrounds.

How can you not be curious? Now is the time to go online and see how it works!

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6 You’ve nothing to lose

Most dating site are free for Trans women to join and there are modest fees for Trans interested men, although initial registration is free. Therefore, in reality you have little to lose.

Either you will find the new love of your life, as there are also all kinds of other people and relationships that you can encounter. Or not. And if not, at least you have tried. In fact, countless people have made good friendships from their dating attempts so worst come to worst, you will have a new circle of friends!

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7 Plenty of success stories

Everyone knows someone who has found their perfect match on MyTransgenderCupid. You can often read about some of these success stories. Transgender women have found their ideal mate with just a few clicks. And there are a lot of delighted Trans oriented men with new, loving partners happy to give testimonials.

So, why wouldn't it work for you?

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