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Are you a single Trans woman or man interested in them, and looking for love, partner and relationship? Then look no further, you have come to the right place. Online trans dating site My Transgender Cupid helps you find happiness and romance.

It can be quite a challenge to find a decent dating site where men are seriously looking for a transgender woman to start a relationship with. For example, you can sign up with a site like Tinder / Grindr. But are you tired of swiping left, and do you really want to meet someone who is serious? Then My Transgender Cupid is the dating site for you!

The prefix "Trans" is actually derived from Latin. It means across or through or beyond.

Some people are not sure what Trans women are all about

Despite this greater awareness and more men openly dating Trans women, there are still some people unclear about what being Trans is all about. In fact, there are those who mistakenly think that being Trans is a lifestyle choice or a passing fad or phase. Ostensibly men dressing in women’s clothes has always been contentious.

Well, it’s definitely not a lifestyle choice or a fad. Being Trans is all about having gender dysphoria. This can best be described as having a mismatch between one's physical appearance and one's mind and emotional/behavioural set up. Many men already understand this. However, for those men who haven't yet met a Transgender woman, let’s give you some information and useful tips to help you find your dream Trans woman.

As a starter, take a moment to consider what the prefix "Trans" means. It is actually from Latin and usually means across or through. Hence, Transgender literally means "across genders". This is quite logical if you think about it. Trans women are considered by many to be part male and part female, or somewhere between the two main genders. However, this is not exactly true and most Trans women are emotionally and, for the best part, physically, female.

The history of Transgender women

Thousands of years ago, being Trans had a special status and this is apparent in many of the Native US Indian or Pacific Island societies. In such societies, Trans women were highly regarded for their ability to empathise with both the male and female psyche.

Even in the Ancient Greek or Roman or Chinese societies it is possible to find references to Trans women (although the terms used to describe them may have differed). Emperors and other high-ranking community leaders or generals often had Trans mistresses or lovers. Many eunuchs were tasked to look after the Emperor’s mistresses but these effeminate men or female presenting men also had a place in the bedroom as a “special type” of female.

Terms used to describe Trans women have evolved over time

Changing social attitudes and trends, greater knowledge and research about Trans matters have led over the years to different names being used for Trans women. As with many misunderstood minorities, the rest of the population, for some reason, often resorts to using derogatory terms.

Hence, we have had labels such as "she-males" or "chicks with dicks" used to describe Trans women. Sadly, these show some of the unjust prejudices and pre-judgements which linger in general society about Trans women. Over the last 40-50 years, other terms have been used, discarded and others brought into use. Such names or labels include crossdressers, Transvestites, Transsexual, Trannies, Trans women, T-girls, Transgender women, Ladyboys, Trans-pinay and so on. Transgender or Trans women are currently the favoured terms.

Trans women come from all stratas of society

Being Transgender is not confined to any race or social status, to any profession or related to academic ability. As mentioned, Trans women are everywhere. They may just as easily be astronomers or doctors, engineers or manual workers, actors or just your regular neighbour. Some may originate from the higher levels of society and be wealthy and others live in poverty.

It is now generally accepted that being Trans is almost certainly genetic. It is certainly not a choice and cannot be changed with such ridiculous ideas as “conversion therapy”. Such therapy was, in the past, propagated also for gay people (without success).

There are differing degrees of being a Trans woman

Finally, many people remain confused about two key issues regarding Trans women. Firstly, a number of Trans women never have major surgery. It’s likely that will take female hormones such as oestrogen to enhance their feminine appearance. But they may not have breast or genital surgery. Other Trans women, however, consider it vital to have breast implants and genital reconstructive surgery to possess as working vagina, and to feel and be seen as "complete women"

On the other hand, a high percentage of Trans women have breast surgery but keep their penises. It may be that they wish to use their penis in sexual activity as a point of difference from genetic women. The next question is, of course, the sexuality of Trans women. Gender variances have been discussed but sexuality is quite distinct. There are Trans women who only like and have sex with men. Others are fine with men or women, and yet other Transgender girls can be seen as a lesbian, in that they only date women. Quite a few options to consider!

In any event, we’re happy to say that MyTransgenderCupid has a full spectrum of beautiful Trans women available and looking to date…

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