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Transgender singles are present throughout all Australian cities.

Australia is sometimes called the “Lucky Country”. This is mainly due to its abundance of natural resources, its amazing scenery and beaches, and generally favorable climate. With its cosmopolitan mix of nationalities, you can be sure that there are some seriously beautiful, single Transgender women living in Australia. Many of such women are actively looking to find a companion, lover or future spouse online.

Australia is as diverse in geography and cultures as it is in the myriad types of Trans women who live there. From bustling Sydney, with its iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House, on the east coast, to frenetic Melbourne, with its relatively brash take on life, on the south coast. Sedate, well organized Canberra, the country’s political capital, sits inland and is almost halfway between the two aforementioned cities. Then we have beautiful Brisbane in Queensland to the north, sandwiched between the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. And finally, Perth, five hours or more away to the west in another time zone and seemingly in another world. But there are Trans women in all of these major cities… and in plenty of other places across the great Australian continent.

Meeting Trans women in Australia begins with online dating

Some say Australian Trans women are amongst the most beautiful in the world. Others say that about some of the genetic women who live there too. With a history of immigration stretching back hundreds of years, Australia is a veritable melting pot of races and cultures. Over the years, inter-dating and inter-marriage have blended the looks and cultures of the country’s people. This means that there are plenty of attractive T-girls to be found in whichever city you are visiting.

Melbourne and Sydney, perhaps, stand out. With high levels of European immigrants, followed by waves of Asian immigration from Hong Kong, The Philippines, Vietnam and latterly China, styles, outlook on life and cultures are heavily intertwined. More recently, immigrants from Africa and the Middle East and India have brought their own unique input into the country. With Transgender women evident in all nationalities, and Australian society generally open and relatively liberal, the Trans scene in Australia is vibrant and extensive.

Some say Australian Trans women are amongst the most beautiful in the world.

Coupled with the renowned outdoor lifestyle, living and dating in Australia is a joy to most. Life revolves around beaches, barbecues, and eating out—in trendy cafes and restaurants and bars. Then there are sporting events. Where would Australia be without its rugby, Aussie rules football cricket and swimming events?

But, of course, first you have to meet the Transgender woman you have been looking for before you can take her to some of the places or events just mentioned. And the best place to find a Trans woman in Australia is to look for her online.

Trans-women on MyTransgenderCupid

MyTransgenderCupid has members from all across Australia, all with their own particular story to tell, and life objectives to achieve. Yet, fundamentally, irrespective of their background, most Trans women have the same needs. They are looking for a man to date and take care of them. Just like genetic women.

Online dating in Australia takes away all of the hassles of “regular” dating

If you are living in Sydney or Melbourne your work-life balance can often get skewed in the favor of work. Long hours and long commutes. So, your personal life and the opportunity to look for a Transgender woman to date takes a back seat. You need to find a quick and easy way to look for a Trans partner who shares your interests, likes, and dislikes and goals.

Online TS dating with MyTransgenderCupid is, therefore, probably the best option. It’s not only easy to become a member but the site has a vast array of T-girls from all over the country, looking for their “perfect match”. You can start looking for a Transgender woman who is right for you within minutes of becoming a member!

Meet eligible Trans singles on MyTransgenderCupid

If you are serious about dating a Trans woman, being a member of MyTransgenderCupid is a far better option than hanging around bars and clubs. It’s also better than listening to the recommendation of friends or relatives. Besides dating blogs the site specializes in introducing couples who are looking for long-lasting relationships and deeper connections.

As one of the leading Transgender dating sites in Australia, we know that everyone is different and has different requirements in a partner. Take time to look through our extensive database of profiles. Or, perhaps, admire the photographs of beautiful Trans women living in a city or suburb near to take you closer to your goals. Enjoy taking the time selecting the type of partner you are looking before you connect you with someone that you can truly enjoy a long-term relationship with.

If you are serious about dating a Trans woman, being a member of MyTransgenderCupid is a far better option than hanging around bars and clubs.


Registration for Trans-women is for free; simply answer a few simple questions about yourself and you can begin to review those Australian men who you feel are compatible with you.

For men, when you are ready to start chatting with a Transgender woman who appeals, log-on, pick a plan, sign up and you are ready to go almost immediately!

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