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Best kept Melbourne hideouts for ts dating your transgender partner

It will take you some time to think of an iconic place when Melbourne is mentioned or you might end up with no idea at all. Guess what, compared to other cities in Australia (for example Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney); Melbourne is very much open to LGBT community since citizens believe that equality among race and gender must be on top of their priorities. However, it’s not the whole of Melbourne yet that’s open with such idea.

Today, partners could already register through ‘Relationship Declaration Register’ to prove a de facto relationship but it doesn’t function as powerful as a normal marriage does. Also, to improve their rights, they were given access to medical decision making and other treatments for same-sex marriage.

Since the place isn’t as mainstream as Sydney, here are some of the top picks to explore with your partner if you are planning to visit Melbourne:


Spend an evening at the Ponyfish Island

Located beneath the Southbank pedestrian footbridge which runs from Flinders Street Station to Southbank, a small busy island, which is actually a riverside type bar giving a view of the Yarra River. It’s a place to munch on your Mexican type nachos or western style sandwiches served for you and your date. They also serve cocktails and cold brew. It is highly suggested that you sit near the water to fully enjoy the view. Sometimes the presence of your partner is enough to make the whole world feel right.

Attend the Midsumma Festival

If Sydney has Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Melbourne has the same exact opposite celebration, the ‘Midsumma festival’. Originally, it’s a semi-protest type march for the parliament to accept the citizen’s demand on marriage equality. Now, it’s a celebration of pride for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Melbourne. This annual celebration also lasts a week long. This is a good opportunity for you and your transsexual partner to meet and connect with the people who understands you the most.

Enjoy art at Hares and Hyenas

Looking for a quiet place to enjoy art? Hares and Hyenas is actually the perfect place for you. It is bookshop open for the LGBT community which is originally situated in Prahran but was moved to Collingwood for a better and bigger venue. The bookshop also serves as a gallery to support local LGBT art, drives for equality and financial sponsorships on same-sex marriage.

Party at The Peel

Want to make your party nights better? The Peel is one of the oldest LGBT bars in Melbourne. Giving you the top music hits or even down to retro nights, they are going to play it for you. Moreover, Friday and Saturday nights will never be the same since during these hours; the venue is packed with gay partygoers who are willing to have fun!

Let loose, be thrilled, and make it the best night for your partner.

Make The Croft Institute your new hideout

Are you still on a reserved type of relationship? Keep your dates private through this hideout type of bar which originally operates as a scientific laboratory. The name is derived from its original function as a laboratory. As well, old equipment was kept to give it a feel of a real laboratory.

To make it more exciting, they serve molecular cocktails with nitrogen! The Croft Institute is located in one of the laneways in Chinatown. A lady would be waiting for you at the end of the street sitting at the ‘reception’ school desk, there won’t be any signage. You just need to pay $5 and you’re in!

Trans-women in Melbourne

Dating Trans-women in Melbourne

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