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Home of art and nature, Brisbane is the place to find transgender love

Home to contemporary modern art and museums that caters to interactive displays, Brisbane is the place to show off your artistic side.

The city adds a romantic feel on your dates with your transgender partner. Brisbane, compared to other cities (Adelaide,Melbourne, Perth and Sydney) are more supportive of LGBT rights, giving them the chance to change their name, allows same sex-marriage and registered partnership. Also, they allow gender change on birth certificates without undergoing surgery.

However, those who are already married and will change their gender has to divorce their partner first. But the city is hopeful that they will implement laws that are truly reflective to the problems of the LGBT community.

Nonetheless, Brisbane is moving forward and to help you on your ts dating quest there, we’ve prepared a list of dating ideas that will help you show your seriousness in your relationship with your transgender partner.


Back to back art galleries – Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Art Gallery

To start off, listed as one of the most frequently asked questions of Brisbane citizens to tourists is that if you have visited their Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). This is the biggest one in Australia. Just steps away, you can find the Queensland Art Gallery which also boasts about the pop side of modern art. It is the right choice if you and your transsexual lover appreciate art the most.

Enjoy the inner-city Streets Beach

You don’t necessarily need to go away from the city. This is located in the middle of Brisbane and is the only Australian inner-city manmade beach. Aside from its accessibility, white sand beach, lagoon and sub-tropical plants, it’s free of use for both locals and tourists. There’s a picnic area and even free Wi-Fi for everyone!

The place will give you a lot of time to open up a conversation with your partner when you’re both relaxed and carefree. Remember, commitments are harder when it’s long distance that’s why you have to assure that your relationship will keep going even after you visit Australia.

Get up close with the Kangaroos down the Lone Pine

Australia is famous for Kangaroo and if you haven’t seen one, Brisbane’s Lone Pine is the perfect place to do it. Despite its name Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, they also help preserve the population of Kangaroos and allow visitors to come near the animals and even feed them first hand.

If you and your transgender partner are both animal lovers, then this is highly recommended. You may even take selfies with the Kangaroos!

Try Kayaking on Brisbane River

Kayak is not always designed to see greens when traveling outside the city. It’s also a good experience to try doing it on Brisbane River, where skyscrapers surround you. Every Friday, local organization Riverlife hosts an event they call ‘Paddle and Prawns.’ They encourage families and couples to try kayaking. It can be your romantic preparation for your transgender partner because it will be done along Brisbane river and during twilight.

Participate in the Woodford Folk Festival

Going back on the artistic side of Brisbane is our last recommended activity. Participate in Woodford Folk Festival, a six-days and night event which gathers thousands of artists and performers to do live music, dance and acoustic jams. In between the shows, films and social debates are scheduled as well. They are open to all genders so attending the event with your partner is encouraged.

Dating Transgender-women in Brisbane

Dating Transgender-women in Brisbane

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