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How to tell your friends you are dating a Trans-woman?

Dating a Transgender woman is a new experience for many men. In many ways it is the same as dating a genetic woman. But with certain added benefits, or challenges, depending on how you look at it.

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For many males growing up, we all know that curiosity about the opposite gender starts at a early age. Not long after they enter their teen years. Nowadays, with the greater visibility of Trans. Many teen males do know about Transgender women. But it usually is a process for a young man to determine what type of women he is attracted to.

The first thing a young adult will know when he is looking to date is that he is attracted to the physical aspects of a female. You know, the good looks, the long dark or blonde hair, the full breasts, the nice bottom, the great legs and so on. Then he will refine his choices. Usually staying with females with the type of bodies he desires. But moving on to issue such as compatibility in personality intellect and interests.

Becoming aware of Transgender women

It’s very likely that T-girls are in the peripheral vision of teens as they work their way through puberty. And it may be that our young man has googled Transgender or Transsexual girls. Or even looked at MyTransgenderCupid to try and find out what being Transgender is all about. But he will be too scared to ask or display any interest in Trans women when he is with his peers for fears of being labelled as “odd”. Or, even worse, called derogatory names; boys can be very cruel and unforgiving in this regard!

By the time our young man is at University and almost into adulthood. If his interest in Transgender women has been piqued and maintained, now well may the opportune time to do something about such interest. And endeavour to meet and date a Trans woman. In the not so distant past this was either: very difficult and he may have had to go to a gay or Trans. Or cross dressing club or venue to find a suitable woman. Or he could make it easier and go online. And visit one of the popular, well known Transgender dating sites My Transgender Cupid. And see he could find someone he is attracted to there. And within close enough proximity to his home to enable a meeting to proceed.

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Getting to know Trans-women

These days, with the liberalization of society for men looking to date Transgender women. It is much easier to seek someone they are looking for. Of course, one of the key questions for any Trans female like me to consider when a man makes an approach. Either in person or through one of the dating sites. I am a member of, is whether he is curious or a fetishist who objectives Trans women. Or, is he interested in Trans-women? A second important question is whether he understands what being Trans is all about. In other words, he needs to understand that it is not about how feminine we look. But that we are emotionally female too.

Once I am satisfied on these two fronts. I am usually happy to correspond via email or chat using one of the popular chat apps such as WhatsApp. Of course, I am looking for a handsome man, someone who can make me laugh and meet my ideals. But personality and understanding of my status are important too.

Do transgender women follow the same process?

Most Transgender girls follow the same sort of process. Getting to know any man who contacts them or who you might meet in a restaurant or club. Then, as you get to know him you can relax a little and begin to enjoy the start of, a long-term relationship. You can appreciate that safety (as for any woman) is paramount and no Trans woman wants to take unnecessary risks. Not with any misunderstanding of our intentions or of our gender status.


Ready for a Transgender relationship?

If it seems that a relationship is likely to develop. And I see a man I’ve met on My Transgender Cupid for a few dates. I start to form an opinion about his interest and intentions (again, just like any woman). Then I pop the question which usually serves to flush out the man’s real intentions. “Do you need to tell your friends you are dating a Transgender woman?”

As you might expect this usually elicits two diverse reactions. Either the man in question will be tongue tied. And not able to answer, or endeavour to answer but only be capable to make some mumbling sounds such as “I…, er… I, er…”. On the other hand, he may answer something like: “Sure, no problem.” Hopefully, adding on: “I was planning to introduce you to some of my friends next week (or at the next get-together we have).”

So, the moral of this article? All Transgender women need a man who is not ashamed to be seen with them. A man who likes (or loves) us for what we are. Not a fetishist, not an attention seeker who wants to be seen to be dating someone different. And not someone after a quick sexual romp to put another notch on his bed post!

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