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But what about their personalities? After all, if you are serious about dating and looking for a long-term relationship with a Transgender woman, her personality and outlook on life is going to be important. Very important!

Obviously, in the best way you can, as this is the first thing a Transgender woman looking through the profile of members on the site will see. So, you need to be sure that you highlight your best features and give your potential date a good sense of what you are all about.

You know what you are like, what type of person you are, but does the beautiful Transgender woman looking for a man to date know?

It’s sometimes hard to find the right words to make your profile unique enough to catch the attention of the Trans woman you are looking for. So, what to do?

Good photos are SO, SO important

As the cliché goes: "A photograph is worth more than 1000 words". Of course, the words you write are important too, but give some very careful thought to the photographs you want to add to your profile. After all, these represent your "face to the world."

Try to give your profile just that little bit extra, so that your beautiful face (if you are a Trans woman) or handsome face (if you are a Trans oriented man) stands out from amongst all those other nice singles looking to date.

A great primary profile photograph is certainly important but also the other photos you upload with your profile are too. But which photograph do you choose for your main photo? Does it really represent you? What impression will it give the other person wanting to make contact with you? Indeed, what makes a photograph the perfect profile photo?

Read on and see some of our great tips. By following these profile photo tips, your profile will become a real hit and your inbox will soon be busy with messages from Transgender women or Trans attracted men, as the case may be!

1 Show a genuinely happy face

You are looking to attract another person for a long-term relationship, whether this be a Transgender woman or Trans oriented man. It’s the start of a new chapter in your life.

So, look happy in your photo. A radiant, genuine smile attracts a lot of attention and lets others see you in the “best light”. Make sure you have a photo where you are smiling or laughing spontaneously and naturally. A staged or “forced” smile just doesn’t work.


2 Have a nice, everyday sort of setting as the background

Whilst the focus of the photo should be you, don’t neglect the background. If you are at event such as a wedding you are obviously on a special day out, and this may not be suitable. It’s too far removed from everyday life.

Opt for a more familiar, everyday environment as the background. If you can, have the background slightly blurred so as not to detract from you—after all, it’s you the other person really wants to see!

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3 Focus the photo on your face

All body photos are fine as they give the other person a sense of how tall you are, your body build and what you are really like physically. But make sure the emphasis is on your face, and that it is clearly recognisable. Your face is a point of recognition and trust.

Indeed, it’s said that most people know within a few seconds of seeing someone else if they are likely to be attracted to them or not. Rightly or wrongly such judgement is made by looking at their face!

4 Don’t have a crowd on the photo

It’s you who is looking to find a new person to date. Whether it be man looking for a Trans woman or vice versa you are looking for each other. Therefore, there’s no point to have a group or crowd of people on your profile photos. It’s you the other person is assessing, not your best friend or work colleagues.

Even if you think the photo of you with 10 of your best friends is the best you have, either edit it so it’s only you. Or have a new one taken!

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5 Selfies can work really well

Who doesn’t take selfies? If you are experienced in taking great selfies, a selfie as a profile photo may work well. Get the right lighting and put forward you best shot! Of course, many smartphone cameras have inbuilt phot enhancers and you can use these, without making it too obvious the photo has been overly “doctored”.

Avoid super sexy selfies and selfies in front of the mirror, which invariably have you holding the Smartphone or Tablet in front of you.

6 Don’t forget the back-up photos are important too

Add a number of photos to your profile as back-up photos to add some “substance” and let others get to know you better. Include a variety of photos taken from different angles, and let your potential suitor see what you've got!


All done? Right, get your MyTransgenderCupid dating profile photos updated and start looking forward to counting the number of new emails from Trans women or Trans oriented men which hit your inbox!

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