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Making a great profile on a Trans datingsite

Whether you have already joined or are about to join a Trans datingsite like MyTransgenderCupid, your profile is, probably, the first thing a member looking to find a dating partner will see.

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Therefore, if you are a Transgender woman or a Trans oriented man what you write about yourself is very important. It tells the reader about you, what you are looking for in a date, your goals and life ambitions, your likes and dislikes.

And you created this dating profile for the sole purpose of finding a Transgender woman or a genuine man, as the case may be, for a long-term relationship for life. But what happens if, after a few weeks, no-one is making contact or if you are not getting any response to you profile?

Could it be that your profile does not sound sincere or genuine enough? Are your photos good enough and show you in the best light?

Well, if you’re not getting enough responses, it’s well worth doing a review of your profile and see if there are any changes to be made. After all, your main objective is to get attention on the dating site so something may be amiss!

Let’s go through the steps together:

1Reread the text on your dating profile

Keep the text on your dating profile as short as possible but still convey the key information about yourself. Don’t have hundreds and hundreds of words otherwise you’ll frighten people away and/or they will give up reading half way through.

It’s not easy for everyone but try to be original and funny, perhaps slightly quirky (but not too much).

Be specific about things you like and maybe add some background as to why you like them. If you like sports, well there are a lot of sports to like, and many to dislike. Which are you particularly interested in? Are you a participant or a spectator or both, for example?

Try not to be boring even if your life is relatively routine. Both Transgender woman and Trans attracted men on the site are looking for something new, something fresh. They may have recently ended a relationship or have never tried dating someone who is Trans or Trans attracted.

The objective is to grab someone's interest once they read your profile. And, this needs to be done quickly as, before you know it, he or she will look elsewhere if your text is not interesting enough.

Be positive and tell the reader the good things about yourself; avoid any negativity or indications that you are looking for pity or moral support after having a bad time.

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2 Aaah… usernames: can be off-putting

Some members pick the strangest user names. But don't underestimate its impact! This is the first thing someone sees and may make them curious about you. It can be funny but only if the joke is obvious.

An unsuitable user name can give a bad impression or even frighten people away before they read your profile or look at your photos.

Names with, or which include, a negative connotation such as “loser” or “poorgirl”, a sexual inference such as “bigloverboy” or “lovesexgirl” may be meant as a joke but should be avoided.

Similarly, names that seem to be a jumble of letters or numbers or both and which are hard to remember or say are not good. For example: “Sexy_999_girl” or “CT_69_stud***”

Try and find a name that stands out, and makes it clear what you are looking for, for example “Trans_looking_for_love” or “Genuineman_for_Transwoman”. Or come up with a name that is specific to your interests, and make others curious about its meaning. Come up with something different than usual and use it as one of your USP’s (unique selling points)!

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3It is your photographs?

When browsing the dating profiles, many people use the "search by photo" option. If your photos look good, there is a good chance are they will look further at your profile. If not, they’ll skip on to the next person.

Happy, spontaneous photos always work best. A simple, real photo that shows what you look like, who you are and maybe what you like to do (playing sports or cooking in the kitchen). A beautiful and natural smile works best!

For Trans attracted men, no shots holding a beer bottle (clearly having consumed lots of alcohol) or with a cigarette in hand or hair uncombed and wearing an old, creased tee shirt.

For Transgender women, no overly sexy poses, not too revealing of your figure (no matter how great it may be (save them for later)); no photos with your ex-boyfriend or in a crowd with three or four of your friends.

Get the drift?

Now, go and take a few minutes are look objectively at your MyTransgenderCupid profile and profile photos and see if you can enhance your presentation…. And find the new love of your life!

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