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10 things to avoid when using a Trans dating site

When you joined a Trans Dating site like MyTransgenderCupid it is almost certainly your aim is to find a beautiful Transgender woman to date. Or a Trans attracted man if you are a Trans woman.

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But, even though such online dating sites offer the best ways to find a new life partner, some people fail to do so. Why? Well, usually because their profile is not interesting enough or they make basic mistakes. As with any form of dating there are certain things to do, and not to do, to make your profile eye catching and attract other members.

Want to know more? Well, read on:

1 Not thinking what you really want before you start!

There’s just so much choice, so many beautiful Transgender women on the site. But have you decided on the ideal age range, educational background and career objectives of the Trans women you plan to contact? Be focussed, don’t take a “scattergun” approach;


2 Unsuitable user name

This seems to come up more with Trans oriented men. They love to give themselves user names which are off-putting to Trans women or any women for that matter. Names such as “bigloverboyxxx” or “randyandy69” are going to scare away potential suitors.

Give your username some thought. Be creative, original and, if possible, personal and you’re sure to attract attention;


3 Wrong photo choice

Almost all members, both Transgender women and Trans oriented men make their initial decisions who to contact by looking at the primary photograph of the other person. The choice of photo is VERY important!

You want to attract someone not scare them away!

A natural smile in a photo is best for Trans women and for men alike. Women should avoid an overly sexy pose as this might give the wrong impression about your intentions. Men should not try to look tough or pose without a shirt or with a bottle of beer or cigarette in hand;

4 No photograph

A profile without a photo will almost certainly be ignored. In fact, it is estimated that a happy smiling photo is 10x more likely to attract more messages from other members. Don’t be ignored as you didn’t add a photo!

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5 Don’t only rely on the other person’s photograph

A word of caution here: don’t totally rely on someone’s profile photos when deciding to make contact or not. After all, as the saying goes: "You can’t judge a book by its cover."

Read the profile of the Trans woman too and then make a judgement. Sometimes a pretty cover hides a lot of other things;

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6 Being too strict in reviewing possible matches

It’s worth rereading profiles a couple of times and checking out their photos before you decide not to contact someone. Not all love stories start with love at first sight and, as you get to know the Trans attracted men you’ve started writing to, you may find that he is must nicer than you first thought.

Sometimes unlikely situations and persons yield the best surprises!

7 Having dialogue with too many potential partners

Yes, we know there are almost too many beautiful Transgender women on the site. And too many handsome, genuine men. But don’t correspond with too many potential partners at the same time. For sure, you’ll end up getting confused, saying the wrong things or repeating what you have already discussed.

It will confuse the people you are talking with and they will soon lose interest. And maybe one of those is your “Mr” or “Miss Right”

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8 Staying talking with someone who clearly is not suitable

If you are getting on well with someone, don’t wait too long to arrange to meet. Unless, of course, meeting your new Transgender friend is not practical and they are in another country. The danger it that you will end up in an “email relationship” and the longer it goes on the less likely you will be to want to meet up.

For Trans oriented men, a couple of weeks before you try to meet should be the target.

9 Not making a "killer" profile

Writing a great profile is not that easy but it’s not that hard either. Some Trans attracted men just write the first few lines which come into their head and post it. But the words you write are important. Remember you are trying to find a lovely Trans woman to be with for the long-term.

Don’t be negative and show your fun side, plus try to find something to make you stand out from the crowd. Avoid the standard phrases that everyone uses and be original. Tell the reader something specific to you ("I love playing ice hockey once per week" or "I am studying how to paint watercolours with a view to selling some of my art in the future").

Also avoid spelling mistakes and using too much abbreviated SMS language which others might find hard to understand;

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10 Telling falsehoods or lies

Finally, be truthful and don’t tell lies, no matter how tempting it is to tell one…, even one little one.

One little one leads to more and you will end up in a mess. It’s best to emphasize your own plus points and show some confidence and people will like that much more.

You’ve made the effort and joined My Transgender Cupid to meet some great Trans woman and/or genuine men: don’t throw it all away for a little lie!

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