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MyTransgenderCupid dispels the 5 top myths about online TS dating

Dating Transgender women, or men attracted to such women, online has become one of the most popular form of dating in the world. Sites such as our MyTransgenderCupid have a long track record of success with many happy couples finding their perfect match.

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However, in the early days of online dating there were always suspicions and concerns about chatting with people you didn’t know. As a result, both Trans woman and Trans oriented men took some time to get used to what has now become the preferred mode of dating.

Of course, some prejudices and myths remain, so let’s have a look at the top 5 negative myths about finding your true love online.

1 Online TS dating will never work

The thought of finding true love of line is a new concept for some Transgender women and the men looking to date them.

Yet, online dating sites are facilitators. They facilitate the meeting of like-minded people. That is, they help a Transgender woman find a Trans attracted man either in their home city, own country or even overseas. And vice versa.

Once people have met each other and started chatting and getting to know each other, relationships develop or don’t. Just like in “real life” dating. If such relationships don’t develop it’s not due to the dating site, it’s due to the people in question. Again, just like in “real life”.

But, without the ability to connect online a high proportion of couples who are now together would never have met.

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2 Some people still think that all online Trans dating sites are only suitable for one-night stands and exciting dates. There is no question of find love or a good relationship. Yes, of course, there are such sites, and if that’s what you want fine, you can join one of them.

But the overwhelming number of dating sites are catering for people such as Trans woman and the men who love them find each other for the long term. On MyTransgenderCupid members are looking for real love and commitment. Most people use online dating sites as maybe they don’t have time or don’t wish to hang around bars and clubs looking for someone suitable. Or, importantly, maybe they cannot find a suitable Trans woman or Trans attracted man in their local area and need to expand the search area. The internet makes this practical and helps people meet others who they would never have met otherwise;

3 There are no "nice" people on the Internet

For some reason, there used to be a perception that people who used an online dating site were antisocial, shy or unattractive and/or had something to hide. It was felt that "normal" people would look for love in “real life” and only use a dating site if real life dating failed.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. In practice you can find out all you need to know about any Transgender woman by reading her profile and then chatting online before you meet. The same goes for any Trans oriented man. The ability to check out your potential partner from the comfort of your home and get comfortable with them before getting ready, heading somewhere to meet up are huge positives.

In fact, you only have to look at the high percentage of success stories to know that many others have found other “nice” people on online dating sites. People they have fallen in love with, maybe married and stay together for the long-term;


4 Lots of fake information

A common belief used to be that everyone put fake information about their age, identity and even photos on Trans dating sites. The purpose was to lure people to those sites for other purposes.

To counteract this, many reputable dating sites introduced checks and starting verifying members’ details. The sites also implemented strict rules about cancellation of memberships or other penalties for violations.

In addition, as people became more aware, most realized that it is also up to members to exercise a degree of caution. People need to do everything they can to create the safest possible environment for each other and follow sensible rules. Just like “regular” dating where you don’t go off with or place your trust in someone you hardly know;

5 TS Dating sites are dangerous

It used to be said that when you meet someone online, you never know who that person really is and what they are all about.

But this is equally true in "real life". If you see meet someone once and they invite you for a drink, to see a film or other type of date, you also have no idea who that person is. Caution is an absolute necessity in all cases, whether online or offline.

Although one very big advantage of online TS dating on MyTransgenderCupidis that you have the other person’s detailed profile in front of you. You will also have chatted via numerous messages and, maybe, even talked by video link. So, you should know the Transgender woman you plan to meet much better than if you’d met her in a night club, for example!

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