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On MyTransgenderCupid, there are Trans women members from all over the world looking to date men. Naturally, their physical characteristics vary and such women may be tall or short, have blue eyes or green eyes, black or blonde, short hair or long, and so on.

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But what about their personalities? After all, if you are serious about dating and looking for a long-term relationship with a Transgender woman, her personality and outlook on life is going to be important. Very important!

You’ll need a Trans woman you can relate to, have fun with and enjoy good times together. If you are not compatible mentally, then it’s hard to sustain a genuine long-term relationship. So, put aside your fantasies and have a think about what you ideally want in a Transgender woman. Of course, you want a Trans woman who is as close as you can get to the lady of your dreams, but you also have to be realistic and objective when looking for great matches.

To help you on your way, we have put together a summary outline of five different profiles of perfect Transgender women who may be right for you. Now all you have to do is chose your ideal match:

1 Hard exterior, soft interior

Many Transgender women face challenges in their early lives. Maybe the challenges or upset comes from their family who want them to conform to gender stereotypes. Or maybe from other children at school who can see that the fledgling T-girl is different but have no experience to understand why.

According, many Transgender women grow up with a hard exterior but with a very soft center. After all they are emotionally female. At first contact, you may think that this type of woman is aloof and doesn't suit you. But once you know better and know more about your lady’s background you will find that she will truly love you provided you recognize that she is truly a woman!

2 Adventurous and energetic

Some Trans women over compensate for being Trans. By this we mean they might overachieve academically or are far more gregarious and outgoing than other women.

She might like to be the centre of attention, loves finding new places to eat or different cuisines to try or is always ready for a new adventure for some excitement.

You may think she is such a free spirt, confident, determined and will not settle for a quiet life, but nothing could be further from the truth. She’s almost certainly looking for love. So, if you like adventure, how about you try to get together? Don’t forget, love overcomes everything!

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3 The Romantic

Many Transgender women are serious romantics. They love the idea of being in love with a man of their dreams and you might say they are addicted to love. If you are romantic too and enjoy giving small gifts or flowers or just regularly telling your Trans partner that you love her, try and find a lady who’s a good match in this regard.

You should know that most women like to be spoiled at some point in their lives and Transgender women are no exception. If you enjoy giving this type of attention go for it and see what you get in return!

4 She can make you laugh

Some Transgender women love to have a good time, enjoy having fun and laughing their way through the day. They try not to take life and its foibles too seriously.

Of course, you need to find a balance for the time you need to be serious but which man wouldn’t like a fun loving, beautiful Trans woman as his life partner

But she’ll be in high demand as many men want a Transgender woman like this!

5 Perhaps a little shy and reserved

The flip side to the outgoing Trans woman is the more reserved, perhaps a little shy lady. There may be a good reason for this, perhaps her cultural upbringing or the just the fact that many Transgender women like to keep a low profile, as it were.

Usually, there is a sensitive person behind this shy facade. But this type of Trans lady will give you plenty of space and takes good care of you. She is probably sweet, thoughtful and will always be there to support you. You might not immediately realise that this is the Transsexual woman of your dreams, but you should value a lady like this once you find her.

So, the question for you is: which type of Transgender woman on MyTransgenderCupid is right for you?

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