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Building a great dating profile

One of the first things you have to do after joining MyTransgenderCupid,is start to build your profile. Getting the right words together and combining them with a flattering photo are the first steps.

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As the words you write and your photo(s) are the first things any Transgender woman or Trans attracted man is going to see when they start their search, the importance of a good profile cannot be over emphasised.

A great dating profile is one which is going to make you stand out and catch the eye of a potential partner. However, a number of Trans or attracted members make basic mistakes and their profiles have the opposite effect. What happens? Well, other members give them a quick look and move on. They may be scared away when they see three pages of text saying how great the member is, what a wonderful person they are and so on!

So, how do you make your profile stand out? How do you start to attract the Trans woman or genuine man you want?

Some basic rules to follow to help you make a “killer profile”:

1 Be honest and truthful

It goes without saying that you should be honest and not over exaggerate your achievements. Don’t say when you are sporty when that means you just watch sports on TV all day. Don’t say you are petite or slim when that was 5 years ago before you started eating 6 meals a day.

You can focus on your strong points in your dating profile and leave out your weaknesses, but don’t make the reader think you are a super achiever when you are not.

2 It’s not easy but aim to be original

Many people write similar things. They focus on the routine things in their lives like going to work and what they do in the evenings or weekends. Yet either they don’t reveal enough detail or make it all sound boring. If you are Trans attracted and have just started training for an Iron Man Challenge say so. If you are a Trans woman and have just enrolled in a Bachelor’s Degree course in marketing or computer science, let your potential partner know.

Originality is the best way to stand out amongst the hundreds of singles looking for a partner. After all, you are a “limited edition” so you must have some original features no-one else has!

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3 Emphasise your best points in text and in photos

You know what your best features are so make sure you mention the without appearing to be boastful. Avoid terms such as “very handsome Trans oriented man” or “extremely beautiful Transgender woman” as these are subjective terms. Some physical description is required, of course and you might say: “love going to the gym three times per week, so have well-toned abs and body” or “do weight training twice per week for an hour each time, so muscular torso”

You also need a great photo showing your most natural smile. Play around with angles and see which is your “best side”. Don’t put up an unsmiling passport photo, one that is blurred or where the flash makes your eyes looks like those of an alien! Check out Choosing the right photo and Making a great profile for more tips.

4 Just a little different and keep it specific

If you can introduce humour into your profile, great. But keep the humour generic enough for others to understand. If your “joke” is only likely to be understood by few people, you may lose some potential suitors.

Similarly, be specific about things you like and don’t like. If you like films say which ones particularly appeal (comedies or action films), and maybe which genre you don’t like (ie sci-fi or horror films). Or pets. Do you like dogs and/or cats (which type?) or don’t like keeping animals at all?

5 Give something about yourself away, but not too much at the outset

Make yourself sound “human” in your profile and not as is you’ve copied it from thousands of others. Appearing sensitive and caring is a great way for either a Transgender woman or Trans oriented men to help develop a beautiful relationship. Sharing something a little more private and a little less general is a first step.

What are your ambitions and dreams, what do you want to be doing in five years’ time? What makes you frightened (thunder?) or concerned (global climate change?). Or what are the positives you see in life?


The objective is to make the other person reading your profile and seeing your photo(s) want to know more about you, make them curious. Make them want to contact you.

On balance, be selective and positive. After all, you want to make sure that someone finds you interesting and attractive and that you are happy and enthusiastic. One key thing is not to appear desperate. Or scare people away. This can be easily done if you only focus on your bad luck or previous unlucky experiences with dating Transgender women or men on dating sites.

MyTransgenderCupid is here to help you in your quest… so be sure to follow our dating tips to success!

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