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Just joined a Transgender dating site, what now?

Once you have found an online transgender dating site you want to join, you will have to create your online dating profile for others to read and if written well, they will want to contact you.

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This is probably the most important step for finding like-minded people to share your interests and will hopefully lead to a date. We have created a five-step process to help you write an engaging online trans dating profile to attract that special someone. So, let’s get on to it!

1You Have To Create A Username

After you have answered basic questions such as your location, age, and sex, the next question will be setting up your username or what some sites call your handle. This is the name other members of the dating site will use to address you. Most dating sites make it very clear that a handle or username cannot be shared by two different members. Therefore, make sure it’s unique and only used by you.

Not only should your username be unique, it should also be something that identifies your personality and is interesting. Do not choose a name that could be construed as rude or inappropriate, it should not be too long or almost impossible for others to pronounce. Keep in mind, if it’s too long or others can’t pronounce it, they will probably just move on to someone else. Also, the name you select can come in handy when you start meeting other members.


Your handle will be used by other people as your personal identifier from that point on and in many cases, they will use this name and even greet you by this name when they literally meet you face to face! So, think about it and come up with something you really like and believe others will too!

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2 Know What You Are Looking For

Let’s face it, you cannot put together your profile until you know what you are looking for. You need to know what kind of people you want to attract in your life with a profile that speaks volumes on the dating site. You might think this is redundant because you know what you are looking for and it comes down wanting to find people to date through your profile. These sites can be used for building relationships or hooking up with like-minded people. You need to define what you are looking for then sit down and write your online dating profile. Stay away from mundane lines such as “just looking around” or other “who cares” comments.

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Many online transgender dating sites also offer categories that you can choose from. These sites have different sections to choose from to post your profile while other dating sites are geared toward only long-term relationships. Knowing what kind of relationship you are looking for, beforehand, will help you write a much better profile. It will save you time, energy, and if written well, will attract members to you. Note, you should only post your profile on the most eligible and suitable trans dating sites that meet what you are looking for.

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3It’s Time To Write Your Profile

The most critical part of your profile should be the About Me section, though it might be called something else on different sites you’ll find it. Whatever it might be called on different sites, it will require a paragraph or two in an essay format describing who you are and what you are looking for. If that seems too much for you to handle, you might consider signing up with Speed Dating Sites. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more meaningful relationship, you will have to write up your profile.

Sit down, take a piece of paper and write down your dating profile. You want to include your interests, hobbies, your line of work, and about your family. Just make sure you are completely honest and tell only the truth. Then select 2 or 3 interesting things about you that are engaging. These points will allow you to focus on weaving your profile.

The points you have chosen should now be embellished upon. If one of these points is about a place where you spend a great deal of time, then write a sentence or two that describes why this place is so special to you. Maybe you like to spend time at a coffee shop working on your computer and why this is something you really like doing.

4More About Your Profile

While writing your profile, you only need to write a very short story for people to read about you. A paragraph or two is more than enough, you do not have to go overboard. The items you chose from your list should weave through your profile. Maybe your line of work is a mammologist at a zoo and on days off, you volunteer at a local animal shelter. Animal lovers love animal lovers! Maybe you have learned some really interesting things about elephants or giraffes, so share the love. If you are passionate about your interests and your job, you can add you are looking for someone who shares the same interests.

Once you have finished writing your profile, be sure to go back over it to check for grammar and spelling. Ask a friend if you can mail your profile to them and let them look it over. A fresh set of eyes can often pick up things you didn’t notice. Once is all said and done, your profile is ready to post and you can start meeting some really great members on our TS-dating site!

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