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Pick a standout username when starting TS Dating

Your decision has been made and you are going to register with the TS dating site MyTransgenderCupid. You are really looking forward to dating a beautiful Trans woman or finding a genuine, Trans interested man, hopefully for a long-term relationship.

You have given your dating profile some thought and got some ideas for your primary profile photos and the back-up photos. But what about your user name, the name other members will see as they skim profiles looking for their perfect match.

A great username is very important for both Trans women and Trans oriented men as it is usually the first memorable thing potential suitors see about you.

It's, therefore, worth to take some time to have think and come up with a great username. One that is original and likely to elicit a positive response from Trans singles or men looking for Transgender women.

In order to help you on your way, here are some great tips that can point you in the right direction to select your ideal username. Think of a few names and then make a shortlist of 3-4 names. Perhaps ask your friends and close colleagues to help and gradually narrow it down so that you have the perfect name for your profile on MyTransgenderCupid.

No matter which name you finally choose, try to ensure that the name is:

Original and different username for online dating

Be creative and let your username says something special about you. Play with fonts and SMS language codes but don’t make your user name too complicated or too long with lots of non-numbers or letters or hyphens. If you are a Trans woman you don’t necessarily have to say “Transgender” or “Trans” in the name. The fact that you are on a Trans dating site should be enough for most people to know! Men shouldn’t select a name that suggest you have had many relationships, ie “Manyloverboy”. Try to for a name which has “sincere” or “genuine” or something similar in (if you can);

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3Username that is personal to you

Some people like to build in reference to one of their bobbies or activities they especially like to their username. If a Trans woman likes playing volleyball, she might try “Volleyballgirl21” (unless it is taken). A Trans attracted man might who likes to travel might think about “TravellingmanJohn” with his name attached;

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Conferring positivity

You are looking to date a new person and want to give the best impression. You should be happy and looking forward to your new adventure: How about “HappyTranslady” or “CheerfulTransinterestedman”… you can add your name or some numbers to further distinguish yourself;

Creates some interest from others

If you can add either a touch of humour to your username by using, for example, something slightly quirky that is one way to create interest from others. Or maybe you can pique the curiosity of other members by having a name which is slightly unusual (but not too strange), such as "HappyTransseekerwithdog" or "LovingTransladylikesrabbits". It's really up to you to come up with a name that you feel happy with and goes some way to help your profile stand out.

What about some names to avoid? As mentioned earlier, there should be no vulgarity, innuendo or overt or covert sexual references in your username. They are simply off-putting and counterproductive. Not too many numbers or "dashes" or "underscores" or mixtures of numbers and letters, it just serves to confuse the reader.

Just make sure to come up with a username that says something about your personality and you. Then we're sure you'll find the Trans woman you have been looking for or the Trans attracted man you desire on MyTransgenderCupid in double quick time!

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