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Good and bad photos to post on your TS Dating profile

At the risk of sounding superficial, most Transgender woman and Trans attracted men will make an initial judgment about a potential partner by their profile photos. Yes, we know that dating relationships are actually all about the inner person but that’s human nature.

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We’re sure you’ve done it yourself. Whether you are a Trans woman or genuine man browsing the profiles of Transgender singles, what do you do? If you don't like the photos you see, you scroll on….

Therefore, the choice of your profile photo is crucial. Read on to find out more about which photos on Trans dating sites are good and which not. Then check your own photos!

1 A special occasion

If you have you recently dressed up for a wedding or a similar function and have a great photo or two, consider using one of them. If you are a Transgender woman in an evening or cocktail dress or Trans attracted man in a well-fitting suit, showing a great, natural smile, this may be the photo to use.

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2 Make sure it is you in the photo

You’d be surprised at how many Transgender members think about using other people’s photos as their own. It may be their best friend, their younger prettier sister or, in the case of a Trans interested man, their handsome brother.

If you do, you are making a big mistake. Firstly, it is of course a violation of the privacy of the other person, but also you are starting out with a lie. Once you meet, the other person will surely find out, and you’ve wasted everyone’s time.

Oh.., as well as making sure it is you, only use a current photo, not one from 10 years ago!

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3 Photos from your holiday can work

Photos from your latest vacation can work, especially if they’re from a city holiday—and as long as you are smiling and looking happy, natural and relaxed. Beach holiday photos can work as long as they are not too revealing: keep away from overly skimpy bikinis for the Trans ladies, and bare chests and brief shorts for the men;

4 Keep a happy face, who wants to see a sad looking person?

Some people don’t really know how to smile or pose for photos. Do a bit of practice on both counts before you have your photo taken for your dating profile. There’s nothing worse than seeing a serious “passport style” photo on someone’s profile. Or a photo making it look like they are about to go off to prison for a spell.

Lighten up, relax and let your true self shine through;

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5 A natural photo can work

To most Trans women, natural can mean without make-up. Yes, can do as long as you’re are dressed well (not in an old tee short and crumpled jogging trousers) and your hair is neat and tidy. For men, at least comb your hair, have a shave (unless you are going for the rugged, handsome look, although not many men can pull this off!), and wear clothes that have been ironed;

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6 A posed model-type photo doesn’t may not be good

Unless you are close to being a professional model, forced poses usually don't show you in the best light. Models use several tricks to aim to look natural when they’re not. It’s, therefore, best to show yourself as you are, not create a false impression for someone else. After all, you can’t look like a model everyday when dating!

7 Slightly quirky is okay too

Not every phots you add to your profile needs to styled perfectly right down to the last detail. Both Trans women and Trans attracted men can inject a bit of humour into some photos with an odd pose or two (but avoid silly faces) and show a less stylised face to the world:

be creative

8 Be creative with you photo if you can

Not everyone is an artist, we know. But if you can come with a nice photo in an art gallery with one of your favorite paintings or when learning something such as how to cook Thai food, use it. As long as it looks not too contrived…

9 Try to show a bit of class

By joining a date site. both Trans women and the men who love them are looking for a long-term partner, someone they can be proud to be with. They want someone to show off to their friends and enjoy being with. It’s very likely in online dating that a members’ friends might be shown the photos before the parties even meet, just to get a comment or some advice.

That’s one reason it’s important to be show a bit of class in your photos. You’re not in a sex show or trying to attract someone for a one-night stand. This might be your future husband or wife you’re about to meet…

show some class

10 No photo at all means you will lose out for sure

A profile without any photos puts both Trans women and the men looking to date them close to the bottom of the pile of options. This minimizes the chance that someone will want to contact you. Some research shows that a profile with a nice photo is 10x more likely to receive contact messages than without.

Even if you write very interesting profile text, without a photo… usually MyTransgenderCupid members will pass on quickly and say: “sorry no interest!”

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