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With an abundance of information thanks to the rise of the internet about Transgender Dating. We know that Transsexual women and gentlemen look for things to follow to guide their relationship.

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However, in order to achieve a great relationship, one must know what to follow and throw away at the side of the road. Hence, with all the right and wrong advice out there, we decided to make a list of things you should ignore and avoid at all cost. By doing this, you can enjoy the perks of the positive knowledge the internet world has to offer.

1Be the leader of your online relationship

You’re already thinking that relationships should have a leader. Although in retrospect it might be a good idea, you should remember you are in a relationship. Hierarchy might do more harm than good in maintaining good relations with your transgender or gentleman partner.

The best thing about relationships is that you can see each other at the same level. No one is above than the other. When you do this, you make room for more things to talk about. You become more open with your partner and you consider yourself a team instead of someone trying to control the lives of each other. Equality is what everybody wants.

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2 You like to keep things smooth sailing all the time

Did the food you shared not satisfy your taste? Do you not like your transsexual or gentleman lover to put his or her things on the bed? Do you have other things that irk you but you can’t seem to find your voice and say your thoughts?

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Be honest with your partner. You both deserve the truth. Lies always destroy relationships. You might see it as a ‘white lie’ but it will pile up and devour you if it keeps on repeating. You might even come to a point of resentment when it can easily be resolved by you telling that you hate some things. Your partner will not know unless you say something. Remember, be brave, gentle, and honest.

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3Snooping on your partner’s private messages

Is it okay for you if your partner checks your messages? Even if you answered yes and you think you can also do the same to your partner, then you are wrong. You always have to ask the consent of your partner. Privacy is still a thing even if you are already together. Mutual respect and trust are needed for a relationship to last many years.

4Expecting that the romantic stage stays all throughout the relationship

When you first started dating your transgender or gentleman partner, were you always on cloud-nine? Were you always looking forward to meeting him or her? Were your days and nights filled with sweet messages and you can’t imagine a future without your lover? That’s the thing about the start of a relationship, it always feels like you are on a honeymoon zone. However, trust us when we say that the honeymoon stage can be over anytime. Some things become a routine. Some situations get in the way. People change with time.

But you shouldn’t expect things to be like ‘fairy-tale’. Your partner will not always be able to live up to that kind of expectation. You just have to look at the beauty of things in the ordinary. There might be something wonderful you are missing because you are focusing too much on grand gestures.


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