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As Trans women gain more prominence in society, tolerance is turning to acceptance. It’s likely one day that being Trans will be just as much part of mainstream dating as gay or age-gap dating.

Clearly, social media has had a big part to play in bringing Transgender issues to the fore. It has helped make more people in general society understand that being Trans is not a lifestyle choice. Its also help others realize that Trans women are normal, everyday people who happen to have been born with a mismatch of mind and body. The necessity to correct this and align mind and body is almost overwhelming for many.

This growth in greater awareness of Transgender people has, therefore, been a major contributing factor to the growth in men using Trans dating sites. The realization that dating online is really the only way to go has now become a given.

When you think about it the difficulties associate with dating Trans women in the “old days” were significant. Just where did you go to find a T-girl? And when you found her, what were the chances you’d be compatible?

Well, online dating using a specialized Trans dating site, obviously like MyTransgenderCupid, has major advantages compared to TS-dating in the past:

1 choices to choose between a different variety of Trans-women

There are so many Trans women online on the popular Transgender dating site, you’re almost spoil for choice. TS-women of all sorts of ages and backgrounds. Enjoying different career paths and with a variety of ambitions;

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2 variety of locations to meet your partner

No longer are Trans-attracted men confined to looking for a T-girl in their home town. She may be in another city, another State or even another country. All connected by the internet and the dating site you are using;

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3 Efficiency of using a TS-dating site

Gone are days when you had to get ready, and head out to bars and clubs looking for a Trans woman to date. Hoping you might just meet someone suitable;

4 Convenience of finding your perfect TS match from behind your PC

Looking for T-girl online means you can find the love of your life without leaving home; from behind your keyboard. Log on and chat whenever you have spare time; early in the morning or late at night, whenever your TS match is available

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5 No misunderstandings because all women are Trans

All the women on TS-dating sites are, well… Trans. No mix-ups, no false starts. No embarrassing slip-ups; She is looking to date. And so are you;

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6 Get to know a TS-Woman before you meet her

There’s nothing worse than spending time looking for, then meeting, a Transgender woman only to find after a few hours that you are not compatible. All that wasted effort when you could have been dating online;

7 Work out if the attraction is mutual

Once you start to have feelings for the Trans woman you are “dating” online, ask her what she thinks of your budding relationship. Is it going anywhere, or is it time to move on?

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8 Don't rush things, just take your time

If you are Trans-oriented and looking for a long-term relationship, you can take you time. You don’t need to rush into a relationship with the first Transgender woman you meet online. There will be new T-girls joining the site every day. But, be sure you don’t miss the beauty who is right for you!

9 Security and safety of online TS-dating

You never know just who you might meet on “blind dates” or via causal encounters. Be safe and date online until you get to know the T-girl well enough to want to meet;


10 Chances of success increased with online Trans dating

Clearly, your chances of success in meeting the right Transgender woman for you are much higher. Just treat everyone you meet on the dating site with respect and empathy and you’ll go far. Very far, for sure!

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t joined up to a TS dating site yet, now is the time!

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