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So how to stand out on a dating site such as this? How do you attract attention from the Trans women who may become your life partner? Or the man you may well marry?

As with regular dating, finding your perfect Trans match online can be quite a task. There are more competitors in one place at one time, so you need to try and stand out. Offer something different, take a novel approach.

How? Well, here are 6 great dating tips to help you really get noticed on MyTransgenderCupid:

1 Get the right photo which shows you in the best light

You’ve probably heard this before, but really a photo tells more about you than 2 pages of written text.

A smiling happy looking person is going to attracted attention. This applies whether you are a Transgender woman looking for your ideal man, or a Trans oriented man looking for your perfect Trans-woman.

Make sure the light is good, the photo is in focus and the background is not more interesting than you. Don’t try to be too sexy (ie mini skirt and low cut, revealing top for the ladies) or provocative (no shirt, macho pose or beer bottle or cigarette in hand for the men). Tips on the perfect profile dating photo.


2 The video function is a great way to get noticed, so use it

Nowadays almost everyone watches short videos on YouTube and Facebook. Many see the daily news that way.

A video is an excellent tool with which you can make your profile stand out from the rest! The video is limited to 15 seconds, what you’re going to say about yourself and practice a few times before you are ready to “shoot”.

Think about what you will wear, the background and lighting. Making a good video is easier than it sounds and helps your potential suitor feel like he or she knows you better already!

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3 Personalize your profile

The temptation is to make your written profile generic. “I like this…, I don’t like that….” It always helps to be more specific so, if you like sports, which ones? And do you like to participate or just watch, live or on the TV? Are you a casual, occasional sportsperson or more serious with targets to aim for?

If you can introduce some easily understandable humor and/or mild self-mockery into your profile all the better as it shows that you do not take yourself all that seriously and are probably fun to be with.

4 Highlight your best features, but be honest

It’s always good to highlight your best features in your profile text. But make sure you find a good balance. For Transgender women don’t say “Extremely sexy and beautiful” or “Very sensual”. Trans attracted men can avoid “Seriously handsome” or “Great looking guy”.

Be honest and forthright and whatever you do don’t lie. About anything, whether it be your age, relationship status and so on. You will be found out and it may ruin what is promising to be a great relationship.


5 A positive first contact is vital

You must have heard the expression, “First impressions count the most”. Indeed, it is said that most people, Trans or not, make a subconscious decision if they like someone with the first 10 seconds of contact or meeting.

So, as you start you first contact be natural and open, but also on your best “behavior”. Try and think of something unique to that person to start with, not just, “Hi, I’m John from…” or “Hello, I’m Imelda, I’m 26…”

If possible, find something to excite the other person, catch their interest. Suggest they look like someone famous, or ask if they often get mistaken for a celebrity…

Watch your body language if it’s video call: look interested and keep focused on the other person. Words say far less than the way you sit, the way you move your hand and your facial expressions.

6 Personalize your approach

It’s easy to write one message and send the same to the 10 Transgender women or 10 Trans oriented men you have seen on MyTransgenderCupid. Yet cutting and pasting is the easy way out.

If you are going to send a message to 10 people, at least look through their profiles carefully more than once. Firstly, rationalist why you feel they may be suitable for you. There’s no need sending a message if the other person is clearly not going to be a good match (too young or specifies she or he isn’t interested in someone who is over 50, or smokes or drinks beer and you do some of these).

Secondly, pick out some of the features of the person you are about to write to and highlight them in your reply. If you have a mutual interest in art galleries, museums, or motorbike riding, mention it. Or if the other person doesn’t like dogs, and you don’t, then mention that too. Negatives can be a common bond too!

Once your profile is getting noticed, you may not be able to keep up with the number of messages you get. Sounds like a good problem to have!

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