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The 3 best ways to find a Trans-woman for a relationship

Have you ever asked yourself why it’s so terribly difficult to find the true love you are looking for? Do you stand in front of your mirror and ask yourself this question over and over again?

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I’m sure you wonder why your friends have been so lucky in love and lucky in finding a guy who is interested in dating a transsexual woman. Don’t feel alone because you have plenty of company. There are literally millions of trans women asking themselves the same questions at this very moment.

Before going off the rails, realize, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you and there is nothing about you that should be changed. You just need a more positive outlook in life and enhance the aura you are submitting to the world.

Having a positive attitude toward dating even transsexual online dating has become very popular and quite contagious. This is a very effective, positive way to meet guys! Now is the time to start working on improving your positive attitude, enhancing your aura, and finding transsexual lover easily!

1TS Dating; First Impressions

You see his beautiful brown eyes, kissable lips, and his dark brown hair and he sees your blushing pinkish cheeks every time you are complimented. Everyone notices their own physical attributes at first sight. Keep in mind, all the models that are on fashion magazine covers are far from perfect. All these photos are professionally touched up using the best technology. Other techniques include the perfect lighting, perfect makeup, professional hair stylists, etc. The perfect angle is decided by professional photographs. For instance, you stand in front of a mirror and then check out your left profile and then your right profile to see which is better. The left side of your face and the right side are actually different, they do not look the same and that’s called finding the best profile. This is what will lead to the best first TS dating impression!

Most transsexual women love to watch themselves in front of a mirror, it’s like second nature! For a guy, there is no harm in giving it a shot as well. You really do not need a lot of heavy makeup because once you have found your perfect angle, it will take care of your entire look. Also, heavy makeup deters from a healthy natural look. You want to look as natural as possible so there will be no surprises when you meet someone really special. This might seem a little awkward if this is your first time, but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

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2 Have A Nice, Natural Conversation

We all, at one time or another, have stuttered our way through a conversation. Whether male or female, if you keep it natural you will be quite surprised how well it will go. When TS dating, that first date can be a struggle in finding something to talk about because you are so self-conscious about how we look and what is coming out of our mouths. You must learn to relax, remain composed, and feel very comfortable with your date. Once you have your composure in check and feel comfortable with your date, it should be relatively easy to have a great conversation and exchange of words. You will both have questions and answers so you can get to know each other. If you are having problems deciding what questions are appropriate, stay calm and start off with really simple questions like what your date did with her eyes because they are gorgeous!

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Small talk usually includes compliments and from there, your conversation might just move on to the next level. Just keep the conversation away from things that, for now, might be a little too personal. Your conversation will not end up boring and you will leave a great first impression!

You can bring in some playful questions such as with the lights on or off. Just make sure it’s understood you are only teasing and always remain decent. Never lie just to keep a conversation going and make sure the questions and overall conversation are respectful to both of you. Remember, saying No is not a bad thing, especially if you are in the beginning stages of getting to know each other. Being kind, respectful, and having an open mind is the best way to have an interesting conversation that will keep both of you wanting to know more about each other.

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3Be Consistent with a Trans woman

There are two simple ways to help you enhance and release your special aura. First, do not do anything you are not ready for because you know yourself and this is not the time. Secondly, stay consistent! This is not particularly difficult to do if you are always doing what comes naturally. Being consistent can be a little challenging but if you keep in mind what the overall effect will be in what you are doing, it should be fine. Being yourself and being consistent should leave you feeling happy and bright because you are doing what comes from your heart. Just keep a good mindset and practice how you want to be perceived and stay true to yourself. In little to no time, you will have it down to a science. Before you know it, you will be trans dating freely and comfortably!

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