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Beauty tips for transgender women

Now - If you've read articles you've heard this before, I'm Diana, A transgender woman. I have been since I was 10-12, and I don't regret my decisions.

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Some are more insecure about looks, some personality, some aren't at all. But a lot of people think their body isn't womanly enough, you could say. But trust me, you are beautiful! But perfect can still be improved, so before you star with TS dating make sure you read the whole article.

For these beauty tips for transwomen you will need:

  • Makeup pallets, if you want to do makeup. (Include brushes and such)
  • Eyeliner
  • Spendable money, 50 dollars plus (Clothes and such)
  • And your beautiful face!

These are just some tips, lots of tips you don't need these for; These are just for some of the tips you will see, and hopefully decide to use! We're past the age of buying books to learn how to draw, right?

Makeup and facial beauty for transgender women.

Everyone is different but everyone knows what makeup is, most women do like it to use lightly or have used it as well.

We will be using light makeup, we don't want to be a barbie doll. Mainly the process of makeup is trying out different things, most Trans Women are scared to because it's the thought of messing up or looking "ugly" which I don't believe exists personally. But, makeup is trying out different things - But my favorite way to start the day is, grab a fluffy brush - one with a big handle, so that it has lots of area to hold blush.

Dab it in the blush you like, and lightly stroke it down your face in simulated swipes, to make sure it's even. Once your cheek is done, do this on the other, or anywhere else. Grab a light dab and dab it against the tip of your nose until it is a bit pink, or red. Noticeable from your normal skin tone. Now, we're almost done with makeup, at least this is light makeup. I will go over facial beauty at parties at the end. Now, if you have some grab lip gloss - Any you like, something shiny maybe. Poof your lips out, this is a very odd part for the first few times - You may think it's on your teeth or ran down - It didn't! It just feels weird for the first time. Open it and puh the stick lightly on your under lip, so don't use it as lipstick (unless you want it to be noticeable when not talking) It should be on the upper inside, when you curl your lips and touch them, you'll notice the skin above the red lips - Put it there. When you talk it can be noticeable, and very beautiful. If you do this or put it on your lips is up to you.

beauty tips for trans-women

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More beauty tips for transgender women

That's all for causal makeup - But we're not done with beauty, now when you can - Next time you're at a beauty store, see if they have women's deodorant. I prefer dove, but choose what you like. No limits here! You are you. Pick out clothes you like, don't be afraid to buy bras, skirts, panties. - Just make sure you are comfy and happy with these choices. Pick a nice outfit of which you like, and with the casual makeup - You should have a good look, you're the woman you really are now - You always will be, no matter what you wear or do. These are just tips.

Testosterone block for trans-women

Now, towards a more, hairy area. Hair! Facial hair and hair down there, and legs and armpits and what not. You have two real choices:
Testosterone block (i'd recommend talking to your doctor about lupron, it's good to start with)

Or the more popular option: not shaving. But here, right now that's not an option. You may have breasts, long hair, but personally breasts and a beard don't go together. To each their own they say. So I'd recommend every week, or whenever you shower daily, checking your facial hair - if it's just a little bit of hair, even children have that. That's fine. But keep on top of your facial hair, leg hair and eventually it will become a habit to make sure you shave it. I have also been blocking testosterone since I was 12, so maybe I don't know - But take my word for it.

trans-woman makeup

Public beauty is also important to most, you don't want to be outside looking like the loch ness monster. But now you're beautiful, so you have to act beautiful. (not have too, you know what I mean!) so, the best way to do this would be:
When sitting cross your legs, to show a feminine stance.

Position more of a cat walk, and less of masculine posture. Walk like a cat on halloween, but walk like a business woman. Not a puffed up chest, just cat legs.

When entering vehicles, sit down first with your legs hanging out, then put them in. Instead of entering by walking in then sitting with your legs. Sit, Swing legs, and you're good to go!

For public behavior that's all I necessarily have, it's not that important but it's fun to practice and seem like a woman - You are, but make sure others know that!

Going out and party makeup!

We love parties, most of us at least - Free food, drunk 23 year olds trying to make themselves stable while they see homosexual donkeys - It's a fun experience, but again - No rat's next in here!

Now, depending on the party depends on clothing - But I'm sure you could pick yourself, clothes aren't hard for most. Once you're fitted as the next avenger in a dress, You could do makeup again but more this time:

Do everything on casual makeup, then start with any lipstick you like. Do this a bit before so it can dry. Apply lipstick, and be careful not to touch it and take part of it off. If you have eyeliner, take it out of its cap and apply it lightly over your eyes - brushing over your eyebrows, but don't touch your eyes. This will poof up your eyebrows, and also will add a nice black or whatever color you choose over your eyes. Now that it's applied and dried, poof up your nose, and make sure bags aren't under your eyes. If they are, you can choose to blush them with a small brush so you can get it in your eyes, now in the parts of your face which have more pale or dead skin, use foundation lightly that is your skin color, and touch up your face - don't make it look spotty and fake, you can always wash it off so feel free to experiment.

trans-woman going out

That concludes our journey of beauty, I hope this helped people who read this.

With love


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