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Top 10 tips for your online TS dating profile

To maximise the number of responses you get, you need to make your dating profile on MyTransgenderCupid stand out.

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Obviously, for Trans attracted men, the more Transgender women who message you, the more chance you have of dating your perfect match. For Trans women, if dozens of men make contact with you, then your prospects to find the love of your life are going to be very high.

But, what do you have to put in your online profile to make others want to get in touch? How do you appeal to the Transgender woman you are really looking for? Or to the Trans oriented man that you have been dreaming about?

Well, here are our top 10 tips to make sure get your profile noticed. And not only noticed but, hopefully, attract lot of responses so that you can enjoy Transgender dating even more:

1 Honesty is the best policy

A very basic requirement, but be honest. No lies about your age, your weight, your sporting prowess, academic achievements or relationship status. These are the most common things people lie about. You’ll get found out if you do and your promising relationship may come to a quick end;


2 A great main photo, plus good quality secondary photos

A profile with a photo produces many more responses. A photo of you smiling and looking happy and natural makes 10x more people reach out to you. Read our article about the right photo for your Trans dating profile. And don’t forget to have good secondary photos too for members to see: no blurred faces, too dark or with lots of other people in the frame;


3 A short video is a great tool to show yourself

Nowadays you can make videos with your Smartphone or Tablet. To make it 15 seconds is fine, just enough to do a quick introduction about you.

You can even enhance the video quality or add music or put together a series of photos into a video, all with one of the free Apps available;

4 Make a complete profile

Words are still important in this video age. Trans women and Trans attracted men still want to read as much as they can about each other. The skill is to make your profile complete and informative… and interesting. Don’t make it too long or boring;

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5 Highlight things you really like or love to do

Emphasise your best or unique qualities with examples. Are you generally a happy person or someone who is kind and caring? Are you a determined sportsperson or enjoy simple pleasures like walking in the rain? Are there things you especially like to share with someone you are in a long-term relationship with and love? Make a note of some of your own favourites;

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6 What key features do you want in a Trans woman or Trans attracted man?

Here’s a chance to give some idea of what you are looking for in a partner. You can say genuine, kind and loving or fit, sporty and adventurous. Or maybe a good cooking, likes to take care of a home, or enjoys travel and meeting new people. It’s all up to you;

7 There’s no such thing as perfection

You can specify the type of person you are looking for, but don’t be too specific. For example, if you say: “must have black hair, be over 1.7M, under 60kg, vegetarian, non-smoker, work in marketing” then you are eliminating a lot of prospects.

Aim for those features which are REALLY important to you. After all, love comes in many different ways, and you may find it with the most unlikely person!


8 What sort of relationship do you want?

Be clear about what sort of relationship you are looking for. Are you looking for a steady long-term relationship which may lead to marriage with a Trans-woman or Trans-oriented man? Or, for example, is that something for later and for now you just want a good friend to meet up with, have dinner and hang out with.

Of course, relationships evolve and you may end up in totally different scenario than you had envisaged. But it pays to know what you want to begin;

9 Ask others what they think about some of the points in your profile

It’s a good idea to ask 1 or 2 questions in the text of your profile. Maybe about something close to your heart. For example: “I love life, but am worried about global climate change. Is anyone else concerned?” Or “Have you ever travelled to my [home town/country]?”

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10Make your text error free

Not everyone can write well, that’s accepted. It’s even harder if you are writing in English when it’s not your native language. But do your best to have the text checked. Spelling mistakes are high in the top 10 irritants to other members and may be enough to put them off making contact.

Now that you’ve read the above, reread your profile with an objective eye and see if you would reply to it. Look at the text you’ve written and the photos you’ve posted. Is a Transgender woman going to immediately get behind her keyboard and type a message to you? Or is a Trans oriented man going to drop everything so as he can reply to you in the next ten minutes?

Improve your profile where you… and wait to see the results!

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