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Use your magic when choosing your Trans dating profile photo

A lot of people always take their profile picture for granted and just choose anything that is within their gallery. Whether you are like that or not is not what matters the most, right now, MyTransgenderCupid wants you to be the best aspiring transgender or gentleman partner out there.

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Choosing the right profile picture

The first thing someone will see is your photo, it will set possible expectations from someone who will chance upon your profile. Make your picture attractive and at the same time something that will scream who you really are. Since this is an online dating site, there’s really no chance for you to redeem yourself once you fail the profile picture gaming. But since we do not want you to be left behind, we prepared a number of tips you can consider before finally posting your profile picture.

We do hope your start will be fruitful on our Transsexual dating site.

1 Shine bright like a diamond

You should be the main subject of your profile. Do not post a photo where you are with friends because then your potential partner will be confused as to who you are.

Catch the eye of your partner by taking a headshot and make sure your eyes speak of your intention of meeting a good partner on our dating site. Formal or casual, anything between the two is good but stay away from using sexy photos.

For men, it is highly recommended to choose a white and black background – it somehow gives a mysterious aura and many transsexual women dig it. For the transwomen out there, you can experiment with a lot of colors, it really depends on what message you want to send to men who will check your profile. If you want to look passionate, choose red. If you want to look imaginative, choose violet. If you want to look cheerful, choose yellow. If you want to show your love for nature, choose green. There are still so many colors out there and the meaning will still depend on you.

2 Don’t use accessories

Hats, sunglasses, big bling-bling? Just do not use any of them. If you use items like that, your future partner will lose his or her focus on you. Plus, you would also want to see the complete face of your partner to know how he or she really looks like. Place yourself in the shoes of your partner and you will get why this is a must.

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3 Please don’t use an outdated photo

As they say, honesty is the best policy and since this is one of the first steps to making your profile stand out from the rest of the users in our site, make an effort to take a good picture or find yourself a nice picture from your latest photos.

But since social media can be a difficult communication channel sometimes, make sure you get to see your partner through webcam just to affirm yourself on how your transgender or gentleman partner looks like.

4 Try the barefaced look

Look fresh, flawless, and simple in your photo – this is for all the transsexual women out there. Some may have difficulties putting on some makeup but there are a lot of tutorials for this so do your best effort to charm your way into meeting your gentleman.

The above list is just one of the many things we want to share with you. We still have a lot of articles meant to help you have a great date and in time, a life partner.

If you became interested to sign up on our site after reading this, don’t hesitate and register now, for FREE. As we always say, your future transwoman sweetheart or gentleman is just one click away.

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