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5 reasons why you should be honest on your Trans dating profile

To help you maximise the benefits of being a member of MyTransgenderCupid you should always make a complete profile. This is whether you are a Transgender women or Trans attracted man.

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Stands to sense, right?

One temptation, though, is to not to fill in all of the information requested but, Trans or not, we recommend you complete everything. Once you do, your chances of finding the right person to date will increase dramatically.

The second temptation for both Trans women and Trans oriented men is not to tell the whole truth. Or not to tell the truth at all. Or, should we say, tell white lies? And a fake photo is a lie too, don’t forget!

The reasons for this are many fold but the primary reason seems to be that everyone wants to present a perfect or ideal version of themselves.

Is this a good idea? Absolutely not! Will you get found out? Absolutely!

So here are 5 great reasons why you should not lie or withhold the truth on your Trans dating profile:

1 Your initial lie will feed on itself and grow bigger and bigger

Once you have told a white lie and the Trans woman you are talking to accepts it as true, you have to keep up with the lie. Invariably one lie will lead to another and you will become entangled in a series of lies. From which there is no escape. Unless you tell your new Trans friend that you have been telling lies. Not a good start to a possible long-term relationship is it?

And, just think, she or he might have been THE one, and now you have spoiled your chances!

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2 A lie now will be revealed when you meet

It’s so easy when sitting behind a computer keyboard to feel brave, to exaggerate what you really look like, say how good you are at sports and so on. If you are a Trans oriented man, remember you are dealing with a Trans woman, with a woman’s intuition and emotions. If she believes all you say now, from the comfort of your own dating world, as soon as you meet on the first date, she’ll spot the lies straight away.

A waste of time for both of you and maybe the end of what could have been a beautiful relationship!

3 Keep your first date free of any surprises

You may well have talked dozens of times with your Transgender woman on the internet. You have asked her lots of questions and she asked you some too. But virtual dating is still not quite the same and first impressions when you meet in the flesh count the most. So, don’t say you are 1.8m when you are 1.5m; or 60kg when you are 85kg. Or are one the world’s best athletes when you only “play” sports on your X-Box from your couch.

Ladies too. A Trans attracted man does not expect to meet a lady who has told him she is toned and fit, only to find that’s what she was 10 years ago! Or that she has a degree in marketing when she can hardly read the instructions to open a cereal box.


4 Telling lies loses credibility… and trust

If your potential long-term Transgender partner has been telling lies at the outset, how can you trust him or her in the future? Especially if it looks like things are getting serious and you realise you might have a future life together.

It’s natural to want to make the Transgender woman you’ve just met be impressed by you, particularly if you haven’t dated such a woman before. But it’s a fine balance and it’s much better to let your new partner like you for what you are. And not for who you are not!

Same goes for a Trans woman who is less than honest with her new suitor.

5 Nobody is perfect

It’s human nature to try to hide any imperfections we have (and, yes, we all have some) and only show our good sides to others. But, often what you don't like about yourself, another person may well find attractive!

Embrace any physical imperfections you may have. If they are mental in the sense of being hot tempered or easily jealous, work to keep such flaws under control. After all, your new partner will probably be on his/her best behaviour in the first few months of dating too.

Think you get the message? We’re here to help and hear about all sorts of half-truths, fake-truths and lies. Bottom line: tell a lie and you’ll never win the heart of the Transgender beauty you so admire on MyTransgenderCupid!

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