How many months have you been a member of My Transgender Cupid or an online ts dating platform? Do you think your efforts offer no yield? Is it getting to the point you are already doubting if dating virtually is even possible?

Having your fairy tale is our goal here and we exist to fulfill at a quick rate and better than traditional dating. Our assurance is coupled with our algorithm masterpiece which serves to give you the best matches based on your preferences. So, why even if everything seems so perfect you haven’t felt any results?

Here’s a roundup of the possible causes stopping you from getting that fun and loving relationship:

1. The past is still your present

Was it too long since you have broken up with your transwoman girlfriend or gentleman? Are you still thinking that perhaps you are good together? Maybe, you think coming back to what hurt you is still possible but don’t you want to give yourself a chance to start something new?

The past can come back but you don’t know that. There’s no assurance and are you willing to take that risk just to save yourself for someone who might not be there at the end of the road? You should meet people and give yourself a chance to meet and get to know people You never know, the ONE might just be a message away.

2. There’s no follow-up from your first date

Everything was perfect, but why did your transgender date or gentleman not have any follow-up after your date? Your connection vanished into thin air and you feel like it’s a complete waste of time to start over again. Don’t be too hung up on the disappointment!

If someone doesn’t like you and suddenly ghosted you, it is time to look for someone else. It is not your fault and it’s actually a big help to you that he or she got crossed out from the list of possible partners you can have. As a tip, you can make a different email just for your dating quest. It will help you better to filter your dating life, personal, and business files and messages.

3. You’re married to your career

You want to excel in your career and there are just so many things to do. In the end, it hinders you from talking and mingling with people online. Just like any other relationship or activity, you should make time to get to know people.

This is your love life we’re talking about. Someday, your work won’t be there for you and though it is really important to take care of your career, some search for love won’t hurt it that much. Just be careful in managing your time and priorities. Good organization will always come a long way.

4. Don’t expect too much

A knight in shining armor or a damsel in distress… Is that what you are looking for in your partner? Do you have a long list of the things you are looking for in a soul mate?
Maybe your requirements are too much. It is recommended that you should list your expectations. However, you have to keep your expectations at the best possible rate. You have to ask yourself, is there really such a person who can pass your standards?

If your answer is no, it is necessary to redo your list and make a new one. Retain the ones you think you can’t give up and remove the things that are totally not possible. In addition, you can also add another category of traits that can be for negotiation. For example, he or she does not have to be a talented painter (even though you would love it if your partner is like that).

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You may not know this but maybe you will see your dream transwoman or gentleman partner here. We’re waiting for you here at My Transgender Cupid.


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