I must admit that when I first joined MyTransgenderCupid, probably the best Transgender dating site on the internet, I didn’t tell any of my friends.

I’ve always liked and been fascinated by Transgender women. But some of my friends just wouldn’t understand. I don’t think they are Transphobic, or even Homophobic, for that matter. However, as you know, men can engage in banter which might give the impression that they are. It’s sad to say but some men still think negatively about Trans women.

Trans women tend to get stereotyped

Especially in western countries, many people let stereotypical images about Transgender women pervade their minds or thinking. You know how it goes: “it’s just a man is a dress” or “a chick with a dick” or, even worse: “a she-male”.

So, once I’d joined the site, I kept it to myself.

I’d done my own research about what it means to be Transgender and this gave me an advantage when it came to talking to T-girls on the site. I know that being Trans is not a lifestyle choice or any choice, in fact. It is something which is built-in to these women, just like having fair skin or blue eyes is. Just because T-girls may have some parts at birth which appear to be male does not mean that they are male. Indeed, in my opinion, many of the Transgender women I have met are far more feminine than genetic women. This is especially true nowadays when many natural women live in trousers and have short cropped hair or forego make-up on a daily basis.

Within a couple of days of joining the TS dating site MyTransgenderCupid, I’d met several T-girls I liked. Yet, I wanted to take my time as I was looking for a long-term relationship with a Transgender woman. I wanted someone who lived in or could eventually move to Germany, my home country, and become my wife. So, I chatted with a variety of Trans women for a few weeks, learning as much as I could about their likes and dislikes. Finding out about their educational and social skills. And also asking how they felt if they had to move away from their home country.

In turn, I let each of the T-girls I as talking to know that I was genuinely looking for a Transgender woman to date. When they asked questions, I answered truthfully. If anyone of them appeared too pushy, I backed off and let the communication drift for a few days.

I’m sure some of the girls were in multi-conversations with men, just as I was with several T-girls. But my message was always the same: I am real and am keen on getting together with a Transgender woman.

Finding the right Transgender woman

After a few weeks, I came to the realisation that one of the first ladies I had contacted was the one for me. A T-girl named Nina from Portugal. She was 27 and had a great figure and that sort of sexy look which you cannot always describe well in words. Just so feminine looking. Her English was great and she had graduated with a BA Hons in business, and was finishing off her study for a Masters Degree.

Gradually I began to stop chatting with other Trans women on the site and focussed on Nina. We’d chat every day and skype every other day until, about two years ago, I made a big decision. I planned a trip and booked a flight to Portugal, solely to meet Nina in person.

She was even better in the flesh that I had thought and, if I had any doubts, they evaporated over the first two days of being with her. Quite simply, she is all woman. Her outlook on life is female, her emotional state is female and, I’m happy to say, her physical being is female. She told me she had had breast implants when she was about 17 and then gender reassignment surgery when she was 21 just after graduating. Honestly, to me her physical state is not so important and, with or without surgery, I simply see Nina as a complete woman. No doubt about it!

Trans women often move overseas

Fortunately, she was able to join me in Germany within about seven months of my visit to Portugal. I went back to see her twice in the time we were waiting for her to finish her studies as I was truly smitten (or in love if you want me to admit it!).

Needless to say, Nina has been a big hit in my home town and many of my friends were so envious they asked me where I had found her. In fact, some don’t even know she is a Transgender woman as you really cannot tell she was born anything other them female.


As a proud transgender woman, I'm an award-winning blogger blending my unique life experiences with a Bachelor's degree in Communication. Known for my linguistic expertise and dynamic writing style, I specialize in CBD, SEO, music, technology, and digital marketing sectors.