We thought we’d put together in one place some of the comments and quotes we have received about our members’ experiences with MyTransgenderCupid.

Our members come from all over the world and from all walks of life. Yet they all have one thing in common. All of our male members are looking for a Transgender woman to love and develop a long-term relationship with. Our female members are all looking for a man to date, someone who will love and cherish them for what they are: women.

Over the years we have help many couples meet up and start dating. Many of these couples have gone on to marry and stay together for the long-term. The popularity of Trans women is still on the increase so we expect to see a continued rise in the number of T-girl and foreign men liaisons in the coming years.

But, for now, here is a selection of comments and quotes from some of our Transgender members and the men who love them:

Our Trans members have the same needs as genetic women

In the first week my profile was on the web site, I had over 30 messages from men interested in knowing more about me. Some were from Sweden but the vast majority were from the US and other countries in Europe.

Irene from Sweden

I’d struggled to find a genuine Trans woman in my home country. Then I found MyTransgenderCupid and was amazed at the variety of T-girls. There are profiles of Transgender women from countries I could never have imagined.

Jose from Spain

I’d previously joined other sites for Ladyboys and Trans women but found that the men on them were only looking for short term liaisons. Some were just curiosity seekers. I met my future husband on MyTransgenderCupid so have to say it really worked for me. 

Pim from Thailand

I’ve seen a lot of Trans women in New York but nothing compares to, especially, the Asian beauties from The Philippines and Thailand on MyTransgenderCupid. Many of the Trans-pinay women and Ladyboys are beauty pageant quality. I’d be proud to have any one of them as my partner.

John from New York

Transgender women have to be security conscious

Riza from London: My favorite thing about the site is that most of the men seem to already understand Transgender women. They know that we are emotionally and, with slight variations, physically women too. It really helps to get a relationship started in the right way.

Alberto from Brazil: My home country is famous for beautiful Trans women. It’s just hard to meet them in public places or via conventional dating. Using MyTransgenderCupid takes away the risks of any misunderstandings, plus allows you to talk online before you meet. You can get to know your potential partner easier that way.

Sacha from Romania: Using a Trans online dating site gives me a better feeling about my personal security. It’s not always safe to be out and about in Romania as a T-girl. Plus, I know for sure that the man I am talking to already knows I am Transgender. Men don’t like surprises and can get violent if they think you have misled them.

Trans women are in high demand on TS Dating sites

Wilma from San Francisco: Teddy messaged me on the first day my profile was listed on MyTransgenderCupid and we met up three weeks later. Co-incidentally, he lived only an hour’s flight away, close to where I grew up. We hit it off straight away and it’s just on two years since we started living together. He says he doesn’t think of me as Trans, just as a woman!

Johannes from Denmark: I’d met a number of Ladyboys and Trans-pinay when I lived in Asia some ten years ago. I’d always been keen to find a Trans woman for a long-term relationship but when I was posted back to Copenhagen, I thought my chance had gone. Now thanks to this specialized Transgender dating site, I have my very own T-girl companion.

Saburah from Bali: Many foreign tourists come to Bali and have relationships with Wariah (Transgender people). But most are just holiday romances which end once the foreigner leaves. However, I was looking for a genuine man who wanted a longer-term commitment, just like any other woman would. I found Kurt and have now been living in Germany with him for 10 months already.

Maarten from Holland: Sila and I met on the TS Dating site MyTransgenderCupid about two tears ago and this year I traveled to her home in the northeast of Thailand where we were married. I was so surprised to see how Ladyboys are so visible and well accepted in Thailand. It seemed as if almost everywhere I looked there were Transgender woman. I will retire next year and my plan is to relocate there and enjoy more time with my beautiful wife.

We hope you enjoyed reading some of these snippets and excerpts from a small selection of our members on MyTransgenderCupid. Just think you might be the next lucky man or Trans woman who find your perfect match on our site. The first thing you have to do is join!


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