Hey, is that a dating site for Transgender women you are looking at?” I asked Lindsay, a T-girl friend of mine. I was looking over her shoulder at her laptop screen.

“Yes, it’s MyTransgenderCupid, one of the best sites for Trans women looking to find men to date in London,” she replied. “Come and sit here next to me and I’ll show you how it works.”

I had agreed to meet Lindsay in Starbucks in central London as today was a very special day for me. A cause for some sort of celebration!

Lindsay and I are best friends and she had had her gender confirmation surgery (“GCS”) more than two years ago. She also helped me with my transition, giving me advice and tips on what to and what not to do.

“Can I get you a drink?” I asked as I sat down beside her.

“No, I’m fine, thanks,” she smiled. “So, how does it feel to be a complete Transgender woman?” she asked. “It must be almost three months since your GCS.”

“It’s great. In fact, I’ve just come from the doctors and he says I am completely healed down below, everything looks good… and….”

“And what?”

“And I can start dating again!”

“Well, congratulations, I’m so happy for you! It’s perfect timing meeting today then,” said Lindsay. “I know…, let’s see if we can find a man on My Transgender Cupid for you. Do you know how these sites work?”

Transgender dating sites are a great support to T-girls

“No, I’ve only ever dated men I’ve met in bars or restaurants or other public places,” I replied. “Ha…., and most of them have been a disaster,” I added. “Not sincere, just looking for a quick grope or curious about what I had between my legs rather than about me as a person.”

“I know the feeling,” said Lindsay. “It’s the same for Trans women whether in TS dating in United Kingdom – London, Paris or New York,” she smiled. “Too many Tranny chasers or admirers just looking for a short-term liaison. Not interested in a proper relationship.”

“Yes, and another thing I have found is that many guys will start chatting to me, but as soon as they know I am a T-girl they’ll make some excuse to walk away. Or, worse still, get rude and unpleasant.”

“Well that won’t happen with a site like MyTransgenderCupid,” Lindsay began. “The site only caters for Transgender women, their genuine admirers and men who want to date them. It’s free for T-girls to join and you can become a member in just a few minutes. Here, let’s make a profile for you. Do you have some photos in your I-phone you can send to me?”
I watched intently as Lindsay started typing information into the dating site Home Page. She asked for my email address, some personal details such as height, weight and what I am looking for in a man. She also asked about some of my likes and dislikes and hobbies. Then she told me to look for a verification email from the dating site.

Whilst she had been typing I selected and sent her some of my (not too sexy) photos and Lindsay had carefully picked 4 or 5 of those she thought were my best ones.

Local TS dating in United Kingdom:

Joining Trans women dating sites is easy

Literally a few minutes later, Lindsay announced, “There, now you are member of TS Dating site My Transgender Cupid. Welcome to T-girl dating!” she added, sounding equally as excited as I was. “Just think, no more getting ready and going to bars and clubs where you think there might be a nice, handsome man. No more wasting all that time only to be disappointed at the end of the night when no-one has talked to you.”

“Sounds great,” I replied. “But what next?”

“That’s easy. Let’s go to the profile pages of some of huge list of men looking to date Transgender women and see what we can find.” She pushed her laptop closer to me. “Have a look through some of the profiles whilst I go and get you a cappuccino to celebrate your big day! Oh…, and put a star against the ones who appeal to you.”

So many profiles of men looking to date Transgender women

I must admit I was surprised at the variety of men looking for Trans women. Wow, seems like more men looking for T-girls than genetic girls, I thought. I guess we must be a little special after all!

I looked at profiles for all sorts of guys, making stars against those who interested me just as Lindsay had suggested. I saw profiles for men such as the following (I have only written part of their profiles, but I think you get the idea):

  • John from London, 28; tall, fit and likes sports. Sincere and understands and admires Transgender women for their inner strength and determination. Seeking a T-girl for LTR;
  • Pedro, originally from Spain, been living in UK for over 6 years. Adores Trans women and knows how to treat a lady. Passionate, and keen to find a partner to eventually marry;
  • James, moved to London from Manchester 3 months ago. Aged 42 but fit and active. Have Master’s Degree and work in IT. Looking for that special Transgender women to make my life complete

As I was engrossed in looking through the profiles, I hardly noticed Lindsay come back with the coffees. “Found someone you like?” she asked.
“Hmm…, some,” I replied, coyly. “Think I’m going to be busy dating in the next few weeks!”