Probably many of you know such situation: you’re single, you try to find someone who is right for you, but it doesn’t happen as quickly as you might have wished.

And all people who have meaningful relationships sometimes seem to keep a secret about how to be lucky in love and to meet a soulmate. In fact, it’s a very common situation, and usually it takes some time for everyone who looks for true and genuine love. And in case you need a few tips to make your transsexual dating experience more successful, here they are!

Trans dating: Make a good first impression

Sometimes TS online dating reminds of some sort of audition where the first impression might mean a lot! The way how you present yourself on profile and further while chatting or talking during video call for the first time may impact on your chances to meet your date. Of course, no need to panic over that – just use some little tricks to show yourself in a favorable light. First of all, set a positive attitude. Believe, all guys love happy and smily girls, because it’s contagious! To attract more attention to your profile choose the most recent photos where you look the most cheerful and relaxed. If you have a video call, make sure you look attractive in a webcam – pay attention from which angle you look the best and don’t forget about the good lighting. Of course you can practice first to make things perfect. Gentlemen, these little tips might be useful also for you.

Keep a conversation going smoothly

Certainly you may feel a bit conscious and not enough relaxed to keep a conversation flowing naturally and smoothly for the first time. In this case, instead of overthinking about yourself, better show your sincere interest in the person you talk with. Ask your date questions about something you noticed on their profile, for example. Avoid asking them too personal things right from the beginning (particularly regarding transgender women). Better think about some general interests questions, like their favorite restaurant/sport/movie etc. This way you may find something in common between each other which may lead your conversation to the next level. However, don’t try to lie just to please your date and to keep a nice conversation, lately this may cause only misunderstanding when the truth will be revealed. Being honest and respectful is always a good start.

Stay consistent

As a rule, lack of consistency is the main factor killing any chances for successful online dating. Basically it seems there is “plenty of fish” to date on transsexual dating site, and sometimes you just browse thousands of profiles having no idea where to stop. Instead of sending thousands of meaningless messages better pay more attention to someone you really like. If you had a nice chat with someone don’t disappear for a long time. Just keep in touch without being pushy or desperate, of course. Even if for some reason you didn’t communicate with them for a while, instead just appearing out of nowhere, try to explain your absence and show that you still remember your last talk.

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