There is a lot of competition for transgender women from all the admiring men who join specialized trans dating, hoping to find the T-girl of their dreams. You only have to look at the ever-increasing numbers of men who join TS dating site to realize just how popular dating a Transgender woman has become.

Of course, social media, as well as mainstream media such as TV, has had a great role to play in this phenomenon. Trans women are everywhere. You can see them on You Tube, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. You can see them on TV shows, in documentaries or files; even watch them on their own v-blog posts

Trans women are out in the open

Unlike the “old days” when Transgender women were marginalised, hidden and not talked about, they are now very much out and about. Yes, prejudices and discrimination against T-girls still exists but, like everything else, this will change in time. The younger millennial generation is far more open and accepting, and far more aware of gender diversity then even the generation before.

So, if you are a man looking to date a Trans woman, you really need to be “at the top of your game” to catch the right lady for you. If you are looking for a long-term relationship with a Trans beauty you need to make sure you “tick her boxes” about what she is looking for in a man.

Not so long ago there were far fewer men looking for Transgender women to date than the other way around. A man could log on to his chosen Trans dating site and see an array of beauties all looking for a man to build a relationship with. Yes, there are still plenty of Trans women around but their choices have improved too. As well as their criteria in what they look for in a man.

How to impress a Transgender woman

Let’s give you some pointers to help you “capture” the Transgender woman you desire the most:

  1. treat her like a woman: sounds sensible, right? That is, don’t treat as if she a Trans woman. Fundamentally Transgender women are women. Yes, they may have some male characteristics or even male body parts but she wants to be seen as a woman. Emotionally and physically;
  2. understand that she has been through a lot, appreciate her: whether the Trans woman you are online talking to is from Europe the US, UK or elsewhere, just remember that she has been through a lot to get where she is today. Early childhood pressures from parent or family to conform to her designated birth gender. Maybe teasing and bullying at school as she was different from other “boys”. Challenges post study in her career to even get a job without any latent prejudices creeping into the employer’s minds;
  3. realize that she may be more driven than you think: to overcome some of the difficulties Trans women face from less than empathetic people, many Transgender women are highly driven. Driven to be the best in class, get the best exam results. Do well in everything she does in order to prove to her parents and family (and herself too) that being Trans is not an impediment; that she is someone they can be proud of;
  4. take your time before asking personal questions: you wouldn’t ask a genetic girlfriend about overly personal things when you first meet her. So, why would you ask a Trans woman? Until you have established a relationship and things are moving head, it’s actually best to avoid asking any question to do with surgery she may or may not have had. If you are seeing the Transgender women you are talking to as some sort of fetish or dream/fantasy that you don’t really intend to follow through, it’s not really any of your business what she was like before she met you. You should see the person for what she is now; and if that’s someone you really like the personal question can follow later;
  5. take care of her and treat her with respect and dignity: any woman expects a man to be there for her when she needs help. To pick her up when she is down. To show he cares and loves her. To be by her side as her partner in love. To enjoy their long-term relationship and maybe even marriage.

Transgender women are no different so show them the right amount of respect and dignity.

3. Be honest with the Trans woman/women you are “dating” online

As well as being honest with yourself, don’t mislead the Trans woman you are dating online.

Firstly, if you are “playing the field” and have several Trans women on the go at the same time, don’t get too serious with the one who is low on your list of priorities. Don’t make promises you do not intend to keep and certainly don’t go and see her parents if you don’t plan on having a long-term relationship.

Also, don’t give her the impression that you are rich enough to be able to support her when you can’t. And don’t claim have a big house or apartment in the city you live, where in reality you are unemployed and living with your mother! If you truly want a long-term relationship with a Trans beauty, be straightforward and up front from the beginning.

Believe us, if you can follow these great tips you will be exactly what a Transgender woman is looking for; and you’re sure to find the right Transgender woman for you!