We conducted a poll amongst male MyTransgenderCupid members to find out why they love Transgender women so much.

We asked men who use the site to give us up to 10 reasons why they are particularly attracted to Trans women. To tell us what, in their opinion, makes T-girls so special.

The response we had was great, in fact far better than our expectations. Or male members were very keen to tell us of their enjoyable experiences with Trans women. So, after some considerable time and effort, we manage to distill and summarise the top 5 reasons that men from all around the world like Transgender women.

There are dozens of reasons men like Transgender women

In no particular order here are the top 5 reasons:

  • Transgender women seem to be more feminine and more beautiful than genetic women. In many cases they are taller, slimmer and retain their beauty longer. Genetic women, typically, have children, family life and a career to juggle. There are many stresses and strains associated with such which negatively affect the aging process and their overall appearance once they get into their 30s.

    Whether T-girls have enhanced their beauty with cosmetic treatments or not, foreign men admire their svelte, attractive figures and the fact that they spend far more time taking care of their appearances.
  • many Trans women have a strength of character far in excess of that of “ordinary” women. This may be a result of overcoming a multitude of challenges in their lives such as initial rejection by the families for being Trans. Or being discriminated against in school or at work or by society at large.

    Prejudices in most countries still run deep against Trans women and it takes a certain type of person to be able to overcome such issues. Not to mention, the physical challenges a Transgender woman has to deal with. These include blocking their puberty or having major operations such as breast implants or gender reassignment surgery.
  • associated with the above is the fact that many Trans women are highly motivated and driven to succeed. They feel that they have to prove to others that they are at least equal, if not better than, them. This often comes through in terms of academic performance where many T-girls actually have a good educational background. Many have Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees and/or run their own businesses.

    In some cases, Transgender women from Europe or the US come to an agreement with their families. They want to prove to their parents that, even though they may be Trans, they can still perform well academically. Often getting a good academic qualification may lead to their parents paying for the T-girl’s surgeries so there is a double incentive to do well.

For many men, Transgender women are better than genetic women

  • many men reported that being with a T-girl was just like being with a genetic woman; but better. Many of the issues related to moodiness or monthly problems with periods and hormonal changes do not happen with Transgender women. It seems that many cis-gendered women end up with a jaundiced view of men and life or no longer care about their appearance once they have “captured” a man. Trans women, for some reason, seem far keener to always look good or even better than other women.

    Of course, Transgender woman will have off-days or moments but generally seem better able to deal with life’s challenges (as mentioned above). 
  • and, finally, sex. Most men reported that sex with a Transgender woman was great. Not only could they experience a variety of situations and arrangements but many said that T-girls had a higher sex drive than cis-gendered women that they had known. This might be due to Trans women having higher levels of testosterone than other natural women. Or it might be simply that T-girls, having started out their lives as being designated male, know what men like sexually. The Trans woman wants to keep her man happy and, therefore, pleasing him sexually is very important.

    Then, last but not least, there were two very important other things related to this aspect. Trans women do not have monthly periods to contend with and, of course, cannot get pregnant!

Let your Trans woman know what you think about her

It may well be that you have your own views about the results of this poll by MyTransgenderCupid. You can probably add another 10 or more reasons why so many foreign men are looking for the Transgender woman of their dreams. So, be sure to add something in your TS dating profile about why you like Transwomen. Or, once you start chatting with some of the huge variety of Transgender women on the site, let her know why you admire them so much!