Makeup can be an affirming and beautifying experience for any woman, including trans women. This is because makeup can be a useful tool in feminizing. At the end of the day, it can make you look more feminine and feel more beautiful. There are even tools and tricks you can use to make your face look more effeminate. These tools and tricks can be great if you want to pass or be perceived as the proper gender. Just remember that you don’t have to pass to be the beautiful, wonderful, and unique person you are. That being said, it can be super affirming and make you feel better.

That’s why we’re here with 5 makeup tips for trans women that can help you feel more feminine and more comfortable in your own skin.

You Don’t Have to Pass

Before we jump into tips, it’s important to note that you don’t have to pass. At the end of the day, what passing means is being seen by society as the proper gender. Cisgender (cis) women aren’t typically forced out of wearing jeans and button-ups, and cis men sometimes opt to wear nail polish and grow their hair long, and their gender isn’t questioned. It’s unfair that society tries to make trans people pass but doesn’t bat an eye at cis people who break societal gender roles.

If you want to pass, that’s your personal decision. You should do it because you want to for yourself, or because it makes you feel better. It can be a way to tackle your own dysphoria. But you are the same lovely woman you are with or without all the makeup or fancy dresses and clothing. Some trans women choose to wear makeup every day. Some only want to do it here and there. Others don’t want to wear makeup at all. Whatever you choose, it’s okay.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to get into our five makeup tips for trans women.

1. Start With Primer and Concealer

Using primer and concealer is the first step in feminizing your face and its features. The concept around concealing for trans women is to cover any blemishes or spots in a way that looks more effeminate.

Before you feminize your face, you want to start with primer. Primer covers up your pores, which makes your face more smooth and easier to apply makeup on. It also helps you avoid any makeup caking up around your blemishes.

After primer, you’ll want to move to a cream-based concealer. Concealer covers blemishes and dark spots to make your face look smoother. It can also be used over your facial hair area to get rid of its shadow. For your facial hair area, remember to use a concealer that’s the opposite of the hair color. This will hide any undertones on your face.

Once you finish with your primer and concealer, it’s time to cover your face with a full-coverage foundation. This will further cover up dark spots, blemishes, and your facial hair area.

2. Facial Feminization Contour

Facial feminization contour has to do with using shadows/shading to shape your face in a more feminine way. Drag Queens aren’t trans women, but just look what they can do with heavy contour. Watching a drag queen do makeup is a great way to see the regular contour lines that can craft a more effeminate face.

As a trans woman who’s trying to look more feminine, you want a solid highlighter and bronzer. Contour can be applied almost everywhere on your face. You can put bronzer on your hairline and highlighter on the center of your forehead. This can make your forehead look a bit smaller. You can also put bronzer on your cheeks and highlighter on your cheekbones, which accentuates your cheekbones in a feminine way.

Other areas of note are your nose and jawline. With contour, you can make your nose look thinner and your jawline softer. Doing a full face contour can really pull out a feminine appearance. However, you can choose certain areas to contour based on what you like. Just make sure to not overdo things. You want to make the contour look natural.

3. Accentuate Your Lips

Another way for trans women to feminize their faces is by accentuating their lips. This one is a little more simple than the last couple of steps. You can actually use lipstick to form the appearance of fuller and more plump lips. To do this, you can first overaccentuate your cupid’s bow.

Just put your lipstick on a bit higher than your cupid’s bow, which makes it look more full. You can even line your lipstick a bit over your lip line in general. Or you can use it to cover up any light spots. The same goes for your bottom lip. You can overline just a bit to make it look fuller. Just be aware of how much you’re overlining if you want a more natural look.

4. Watch YouTube Videos by Other Wonderful Trans Women

YouTube is always a great place to go, as it gives a great visual. You can use YouTube videos to get a visual view of all the tips we’ve already been through and more. There are amazing trans women YouTubers such as NikkieTutorials and Victoria Rose who can walk you through the process of doing makeup as a trans woman. There’s nothing like learning from someone who has actually been through the same experiences.

5. Do What You Want With Your Face

At the end of the day, the way you choose to do your makeup is your choice. There are so many different makeup styles for all different kinds of women. If you want a simple femme look, then go for lighter eyeshadow and simple eyeliner. Maybe you’re into alternative graphic eyeliner. Then you can work with that to develop a more alt look.

Your face is your own, and you can craft it in whatever way you like. Just remember to do it for yourself. Any man, woman, or person of any other gender will love you for you, no matter what you choose to do with your body and face.


What you do with your face is your choice, and anyone who loves you will love you regardless of what you choose. That being said, feminizing makeup can be an extremely affirming experience. We hope you enjoyed our 5 makeup tips for trans women, which can help you truly capture that feminine allure you’re looking for.

In makeup, it helps to start with a primer and then concealer to get rid of your facial hair shadow and blemishes. Then a full-coverage foundation will further conceal anything you want to. After this is done, you can contour part of your face or your full face to craft it in a more feminine way. You can also accentuate your face by drawing on plump lipstick. There are also YouTube videos by trans women that can give you more information from a first-party source. The rest is up to you. Whatever colors and makeup styles you like are a personal choice meant to make you feel good about yourself.

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If you want to look more feminine, there are actually a few ways to do that. One goes along the lines of contour. It isn’t just for the face. You can also use contour to soften up your Adam's Apple and accentuate your collar bones. There’s also the option of dressing in effeminate clothing, whether that’s short shorts and a crop top or a long elaborate dress. You can also tuck, which is taking your genitals and flattening them so they don’t show through tighter clothes. Aside from that, you can get padding to make your thighs and chest look bigger. There are so many ways to feminize yourself without surgery.