Are you dating someone who is not fluent in your native language? Are you thinking twice if you should continue the relationship or if it is worth it at all?

My Transgender Cupid is here to remind you that love can weather whatever barrier you think you have in your relationship. If you really like the person you are dating, you’ll always find a way to be with him or her.

Go for it and as a bonus, below are a few tips on how to stay strong in your relationship.

1. Speaking is not the only form of communication to show your love

There is so much more to communication than just words. You can show how much you care, love, fear, like, dislike and many more through your actions. It may also mean that you are already extending your patience because you know that there is much more work that needed to be done to make your relationship work.

Try using facial expressions and gestures. Do the best that you can, perhaps bringing handmade gifts or ordering something your partner would like. Express affection without using words. It may be through hugging, holding her hands, or kissing her. Just be genuine in demonstrating your love. In addition, a little moment of silence also won’t hurt between the two of you. Just being around each other sometimes is enough.

2. Understand your Trans partner’s culture but also share your own

Whether you have experienced it or not, some couples face an edge in their relationship when they feel like they just have so many things in common. This is where differences can be good. There may be cultural clashes in the process, however, you can be thankful that you’ll never run out of things to share with your partner.

Experiences may be good and bad but at least you know that the activities you will prepare will always if not almost be the first encounter for your partner. Moreover, it will also be a new set of experiences for you once your beau introduces you to his or her culture.

3. Focus on learning the basic words first

A simple hello using the language of your transgender partner or gentleman can really strike a touching conversation between the two of you. Expressing your interest in his or her language means that you are really thinking about your future with the one you love. While you are still struggling with learning the language, you can use a translation program in your phone which you can use wherever you go.

Plus, there are several FREE references you can have just by using the internet. Not understanding the language may not always be an excuse. However, it may take time and that time will be worth it since love has no boundaries.

Transgender dating with My Transgender Cupid

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