If you’re a man that’s dating a transwoman for the first time, you may be struggling with how to flirt with and eventually seduce a transwoman. Transwomen are women, but they have different life experiences than ciswomen and therefore you may need to change up your normal rizz to get them into bed. Today we’ll give you some suggestions for how to seduce transwomen that will have you ready to charm your way into a transwoman’s heart… and bed.

“MyTransgenderCupid is the best Transgender dating site for Trans women like us,” Miko said to the other two Trans women sitting near her.

Hmm…,” began Sadie, “I guess you are right. If you want to meet and date a Trans oriented man looking for a long-term relationship, where else can you try?”

Miko, Sadie and Debbie sat close to each other on a large sofa, backstage at one of the famous Miss International Queen Transgender beauty pageants. This major event for Trans women was being held in a famous auditorium in Las Vegas and all of the seats in the audience were full. The three Trans women were eagerly waiting for the next phase of the competition to start. This was the section about the personality and any special abilities of each of the contestants.