If you’re a man that’s dating a transwoman for the first time, you may be struggling with how to flirt with and eventually seduce a transwoman. Transwomen are women, but they have different life experiences than ciswomen and therefore you may need to change up your normal rizz to get them into bed. Today we'll give you some suggestions for how to seduce transwomen that will have you ready to charm your way into a transwoman's heart… and bed.

Be Respectful when dating Transgender women

When it comes to TS dating any woman, respect is one of the most important things to pay attention to. Transwomen, in particular, have a history of being treated poorly by a large portion of the public. This is why being respectful is one of the most important things you should do. Some ways to be respectful of a transwoman are to be punctual. If you set a time for a date, make sure you plan beforehand to ensure you are there on time. Being mindful of her time and respecting her when you make plans together will show her that you care and are excited to spend time with her.

You should also be respectful of her pronouns and you should always remain gender-sensitive. One of the easiest and best ways to show respect is by not assuming which pronouns she uses, but asking her instead. This ensures that you address her in the way she prefers and will let her know that you care about her preferences.

Be Romantic With You Date A Transwoman

Being romantic is one of the easiest ways to win over a woman. Taking the time to plan out dates you know she will enjoy shows that you want her to be happy and that you take her interest seriously. If the transwoman you are dating likes social experiences, consider taking her to a nice restaurant or a fun event like a fair or a concert. If she’s more on the introverted side, maybe consider cooking her dinner at home and planning to watch one of her favorite movies. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that your girl will enjoy and shows that you care. By taking the time to plan out an evening that is designed to make her feel appreciated and have fun, you’re sure to win her over.

Educate Yourself about Trans Issues

As we said, there are many things that transwomen face that other people will never have to. If you take the time to educate yourself about these issues, you will be able to better understand some of the things she is facing. Transwomen often get tired of having to explain things like gender dysphoria, prejudices they face, issues with using the correct bathroom, and other things they experience. Of course, you should never be afraid to talk with your girl about these things, but you should make sure you’re educated enough to have a conversation about these issues without making her feel like she needs to explain even basic things to you. Taking the time to learn will show her that you genuinely care about the things she faces even if you cannot empathize with them, you can at least sympathize and strive to understand what she’s going through.

Compliment Her Femininity


One of the biggest issues that transwomen face is gender dysphoria. It can be difficult for transwomen to feel feminine and many spend hours doing things to make them appear as feminine as possible. Things like tucking, doing makeup, finding more feminine clothes, etc. If you meet your girl for a date and she looks gorgeous, just know that she likely put a lot of effort into her luck and you should appreciate it! Compliment her in ways that express how feminine she looks. You can say things such as “You are so beautiful” or “I can’t believe I’m going out with such a gorgeous woman.” Showering her with compliments will show that you recognize the effort she put into her look and you appreciate the time she took to look amazing.

Of course, compliments should not be strictly about her looks. Compliment her intelligence, and tell her you're proud of her you are for having the bravery to live her life in the most authentic way possible. There are many things you can find to compliment her on as long as you pay attention. If you want to win over the woman you're dating, nothing makes someone feel appreciated like honest and sincere compliments.

Be A Gentleman

This sounds like a given, but we wanted to mention it anyway. Transwomen have experienced life as men in their past and because of this, they may have difficulty feeling feminine and experiencing their role as a woman. When you do things that are gentlemanly such as offering her your arm, opening doors for her, pulling out her chair when she sits down, etc. she will notice these small acts of kindness. Doing things like this can be extremely gender-affirming for transwomen and can show them that you appreciate their femininity and want to be a gentleman for them.

Ensure Transwomen are Comfortable with Intimacy

One of the hardest things women face is gender/body dysmorphia. They may feel like their body does not match what is in their brain, and therefore they may not feel comfortable with intimacy. You should never push someone for sex, and if they are not ready to take that step with you, you should be respectful of those boundaries. If your transwoman is comfortable with intimacy, you should have a conversation beforehand about what to expect. One of the things you should talk about is offensive terms and things to avoid. Many transwomen are fetishized simply because they are transgender and because of this, many of them may not be comfortable with certain things in the bedroom.

Taking the time to have a conversation before getting intimate will allow both of you a chance to discuss what you are comfortable with and how you should handle certain things.

How To Meet Transwomen

Now that you’ve read our article, we hope you feel ready to get out in the world and start to connect with transwomen! You may be wondering how you should do this, after all, it's not like there are speed dating groups specifically for meeting transwomen…right? While there are probably no speed dating groups this specific, there are websites and apps that will help you connect with transgender women. Our site, MyTransgenderCupid is specifically designed to help decent men connect with transgender women. We specialize in helping people meet based on compatibility and help create long-term relationships. On our site, you will not only have the ability to connect with transwomen, but you will also find educational trans datingtips and blog posts that will help you navigate this fun, beautiful side of dating

TS Dating for Transgender Women & decent men


Today we gave you some helpful tips to help you seduce a transwomen. This can be a difficult thing to navigate, and we wanted to make sure you are as prepared as possible. Then we gave you some information about our site and where to find more educational resources like this one. Finally, we answered some FAQs you may have about seducing transwomen. We understand that it can be difficult to be vulnerable and put yourself out there, especially if you’ve never been with a transwoman before, which is why we strive to give you helpful tips to help you out on your journey. We hope that now you feel more prepared to get out there and experience the fun of dating transwomen!

Seducing A Transwoman FAQs

We covered a lot today and we understand that you may have some more questions, so we went ahead and answered a few of them here. Take a look.

When we talked about respecting a transwoman, we mentioned that you should always use the correct name and pronouns. But how do you know which name and pronouns are correct? The easiest way to determine this is simply to ask! You should ask what their name and pronouns are and then you should use these exclusively. When you ask this, you may also ask if they are publically out as a transwoman as there may be some people that don’t know. They may prefer that you not share this information with other people. You should also ask her what situations you should avoid using her preferred name and pronouns and how she would like you to address her in these situations.

Many transwomen are fetishized by men who think it's some sort of status symbol to have been intimate with a transgender woman. Transwomen may also be uncomfortable with their bodies. If they have been unable to transition medically, they may not enjoy their genitalia or sex organs. You should be sensitive to these issues and discuss what you can do to make them more comfortable. Of course, if someone ever expresses that they do not want to be intimate, you should respect this and not push for anything more than they are comfortable with.


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