“MyTransgenderCupid is the best Transgender dating site for Trans women like us,” Miko said to the other two Trans women sitting near her.

Hmm…,” began Sadie, “I guess you are right.  If you want to meet and date a Trans oriented man looking for a long-term relationship, where else can you try?”

Miko, Sadie and Debbie sat close to each other on a large sofa, backstage at one of the famous Miss International Queen Transgender beauty pageants. This major event for Trans women was being held in a famous auditorium in Las Vegas and all of the seats in the audience were full. The three Trans women were eagerly waiting for the next phase of the competition to start. This was the section about the personality and any special abilities of each of the contestants.

Sadie and Debbie had already changed out of their evening gowns and were just about ready for their next time on stage. A hairdresser was still checking Miko’s long black hair, making sure it was pinned up correctly.

Trans women talk about dating

A few minutes earlier, a journalist from a well-known national magazine had sat down opposite the three Trans women. He wanted to ask them some questions about dating and the men in their lives. Debbie who was from French Canada had laughed and asked if he could speak slowly as she felt her English was not that good. “Or you can ask me in French,” she added, making the other Trans girls laugh again.

Miko, who was Japanese had looked at Sadie, a Trans woman from The Philippines, often known as a Trans Pinay, for help. “Me too, my English is not that good,” Miko explained. “Can you speak Japanese?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you both with the questions,” smiled Sadie. “After all, we Trans women should all stick together and help each other, right?”

The journalist, a youngish, thin man named Tommie, had started with some simple questions. He asked which part of their country the Trans women came from, and how they were enjoying the competition. He had a bio of each of the Trans women which had been issued by the organizers of the competition. He looked at each of the Transgender ’ bios again. “It doesn’t say on your bios which one of you has a boyfriend.”

Trans women faces challenges in finding a genuine man to date

“Not me,” sighed Sadie.

“Nor me,” said Debbie, crossing her arms and pulling a sad-looking face.

“I did have, but not any longer,” added Miko, looking as if she might cry.

“What…, how come none of you very beautiful Trans women don’t have boyfriends?” asked Tommie, a little incredulously. “I’m not sure, I believe that.”

“It’s true,” explained Sadie. “It’s actually quite difficult for a Transgender woman to find a nice, genuine, Trans attracted man to date. Plenty of men want to date us, but some are just curious about what we have in our panties. You know, whether we still have a penis or not. Or they see us as a sort of fetish”

Debbie nodded her head. She spoke in halting English: “The other big problem is that many men do not realize we are Trans when we first meet. Then, when they find out they make some excuse and don’t want to continue to see us. Or worse, they get angry and use threatening words. It’s so sad.”

“Oh dear, said Tommie. “I thought you’d all have long-term boyfriends to look after and take care of you. I didn’t know there were so many issues facing a Trans woman wanting to date.”

Evolution of Transgender women

Online Transgender dating works best for Trans women

“Excuse me,” said Miko. “That’s what I have been trying to tell the other two. That’s why I answered your earlier question by saying MyTransgenderCupid. Another friend of mine, Miss Brazil in this competition, told me about this great Trans dating site. It’s free for Transgender women to join and there are Trans oriented men from all over the world looking for T-girls to date.”

Sadie interrupted. “Miko, let me explain more to Tommie about how the site works.”


“With MyTransgenderCupid all of the men on the site know we are Trans women, so no misunderstandings. We also know they are men genuinely looking to date as otherwise, they wouldn’t be using the site, right?”

Tommie and the two other Trans women nodded in agreement.

“Even better is the fact that we can chat to Trans attracted men from all over the world from the comfort of our homes,” continued Sadie. “I can sit behind my laptop and “chat” with men from across the US or UK or Australia for as long as I want. I can ask them all sorts of questions about their career, likes and dislikes. Then, when we both feel there is the possibility of a relationship developing, we can decide on how to best meet. I also feel more secure this way.”

“I see,” murmured Tommie, writing something down on his notepad. “So, are you all members of the TS dating site MyTransgenderCupid yet?”

“Yes,” answered Miko.

“I just joined a few days ago,” replied Sadie.

“Now I know about it, I will be as soon as the contest finishes,” added Debbie.