What is it really like to date a Transgender woman?”

is a question that many men ask before deciding to join a well-known TS dating site such as MyTransgenderCupid. Actually, most men start off by initially simply being curious about Trans women. Most have a variety of questions. “What are T-girls really like once you get to know them?” or “How are they different to genetic women?” are two other common questions.

It will come as no surprise but, with the increasing awareness and visibility of Trans women in the UK, the US and other European countries, many more men have had their interest levels piqued about T-girls. They have heard all about T-girls in the media, possibly seen some famous Trans women on TV or in films and, almost certainly, read about Transgender issues on the internet.

With the benefit of such information and have found out other details of interest on specialized Transgender dating sites, many men now know a lot about Trans women. They truly know about the challenges T-girls face or read about the necessary physical changes Trans women often undergo to be seen as “complete” women. But what they don’t know is what happens when they meet someone they like on MyTransgenderCupid and want to get to know them better. How will it be when they start to date a Transgender woman? Are there are any particular things they need to be aware of, or should do or not do, for example?

Well, the reality is that dating a Transgender woman is, in most instances, just the same as dating a genetic woman.

Let us enlighten you about dating Transgender women

Why? Well, Trans women are emotionally and, for the most part, physically women. They may have an extra appendage (if they are pre-op) or may not be able to have children naturally. They may be considered by some unenlightened people to be radically different but, to all intents and purposes, they are just like other females.

Just as with other women:

  • most Trans women need a genuine, caring man to take care/look after them; they need someone to love them and help them through the difficult times and be there to enjoy the good times together.
  • T-girls have mood swings just as genetic females do. These may be due to the hormones they need to take for the rest of their lives but such mood swings may just be part of their overall characters;
  • some Transgender women can be jealous and easily upset; but only as they care deeply for the man they are in a relationship with;
  • most T-girls will be loyal and loving to a man who treats them with respect and offers commitment;
Evolution of Transgender women

Some key thing to know about dating Transgender women

Having said all this, of course, there are some differences between dating Trans women and dating other women. If you are looking to date and enjoy a long-term relationship with a Trans beauty, it is important to be aware of issues such as the following:

  • Trans women have grown up facing numerous challenges and have often faced discrimination and prejudices during their lives. And all for trying to live their lives as they were meant to. Any man looking to date a T-girl and enjoy a long-term relationship should be aware of this. Such occurrences or incidents may well have impacted the way a Trans woman behaves and her outlook on life. It will be a positive for any relationship to be able to find out as much as you can about any particularly negative experiences and do your best to mitigate their effects on your Trans woman;
  • T-girls can be very resilient and mentally strong but, equally, may appear to be very sensitive about certain issues. You need to find out which issues cause particular concern and upset and learn to deal with them appropriately. Most of the issues which cause concern to any Transgender woman may be related to any queries about their true gender;
  • many T-girls have undergone hormone treatment since they were relatively young. They may have had operations to enhance their breasts or had a major operation to remove their penis and create a vagina. Don’t underestimate the stress and strains such treatment or operations have on Transgender women. Show some empathy and be sympathetic to their plight. The trans woman did not ask to be born with a mismatch of mind and body;
  • another important thing to remember is that it is always wise to use the correct pronouns when referring to any T-girl, even if she is a new friend or even someone you aren’t in a relationship with. Don’t say “he” or “him”, always use “she” or “her”. This is called misgendering and it is very important to any Trans woman that you get this right;
  • associated with this is the inappropriate use of terms and names regular use for Transgender women. To many Trans women, it is no longer really acceptable to say “Trans-sexual” or “She-male” or “Chick with a dick” unless you are dating someone you don’t really care about. And if you do care about her, you may not stay around if you don’t use the right terminology!

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