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Why do men date a Transgender women?

Interest in dating Transgender women continues to increase. And increase. And increase….

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And increase. And increase…. Honestly, even though we run a dating site dedicated to dating Transgender women, even we are at My Transgender Cupid are surprised by the huge upturn in numbers of men looking to date Trans women.

Sure, we all know that men have always dated Trans women but this previously was not so overt. Typically, dating a Trans woman was something to be kept to oneself. To be locked away in your personal memory bank and only revealed when and if someone else realized your date was Trans.

Things change. The world evolves. And people get more enlightened. And, hopefully, with such evolution and enlightenment, they get more aware. More aware of Transgender women and men. Less prejudiced against T-girls.

The way the world looks at dating Trans women has changed

It’s not that difficult to understand the reasons for the changes in social attitudes. The internet and the various social media channels have played an immense role in bringing new knowledge about dating Trans women to the forefront of society. People see things they have never seen. People start getting interested in matters outside of the constraints of the two most well-known genders, male and female. Suddenly, everyone is talking about gender being non-binary. About people who are gender fluid. As well as finally accepting that gender and sexuality is not the same. At last!

Awareness brings with it greater public visibility of Transgender women. Nowadays you can see Trans women on TV shoes, in films and on chat shows; in public forums and running for political office; or on the board or at senior management levels in publicly listed company. Transgender women are following very much the same path to acceptance as gay men and women followed all those years ago. It just seems to be taking that much longer.

This greater visibility brings tolerance to start and, hopefully, acceptance over the slightly longer-term. No longer is a Trans woman seemingly out of place. No longer are the overt stares and glances as common as before. There’s also legal protection of sorts in place about discrimination against Transgender woman and provision of equal opportunities. Just two efforts promulgated by governments to encourage a recognition of diversity of gender.

And, so, we conclude the first part of the reasoning as to why more and more men are dating Transgender women. But, of course, there’s more to the answer than awareness and visibility.

The attractions of dating Transgender women are many fold

We’re the first to admit that, for most men, dating Trans women isn’t something they decide overnight. It’s a slow process. They might have picked up on the increased awareness and visibility of Trans women which has been happening over, certainly, the last 8-10 years. They might have been ahead of the pack as it were and known about Trans matters through curiosity. Or they might have heard from friends or colleagues who knew a Transgender woman living in one of the larger US or European cities. Or they might have stumbled across matters of a Trans nature by casually surfing the internet. However, they found out is not so important because knowing about Trans women does not necessarily make a man want to date such a woman.

One particular thing which is very interesting is that almost all men who date Transgender women have been in past relationships with genetic women. They may have dated or even married a genetic woman. Now that their former relationship is over, some men come to the realisation that they really want something different from their long-term relationship.

Dating Trans women can be easily validated

They start looking closely at various aspects of dating Transgender women. There is no single reason why men love to date Trans women but some of the common reasons include:

  • it is no longer the taboo that it used to be;
  • many argue that Trans women retain a much more feminine appearance and outlook than many genetic women. Trans women have to work harder to forever present in a feminine manner and pride themselves in looking good;
  • many men can both empathise and sympathise with the plight of Trans women and some of the challenges they face or have faced in their earlier lives. They admire them for getting to where they are at this point in time;
  • the educational level of a high percentage of Transgender women is above average. Such women have had, in many cases, to overachieve to combat the discrimination that they’ve had to face owing to their trials and tribulations with gender dysphoria;
  • Trans women come is a variety of “permutations”. Some pre-op, some post; some half-way there (ie with breasts but still with male genitals). This opens up a myriad of sexual options… for both partners in the relationship. No more plain-vanilla sex here!

If you want to know more, perhaps the best thing to do is ask some of the other members of MyTransgenderCupid and see what answer(s) they give to why they are dating Transgender women. Proof is in the pudding as the saying goes!

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