Now it’s time to look at one of the more significant and intimate parts of Transgender dating. Given that sex is an important part of any relationship, most trans dating sites have a section dedicated to choosing a sexual role preference (top, bottom, or versatile). This choice is there to help answer questions and clarify things from the outset, but sometimes it can leave both sides feeling doubtful about things. Does a man saying that he’s versatile run the risk of getting rejected by potential transgender partners? What if a pre-op trans lady has trouble finding the right partner?

What does being “Versatile” mean?

To put it simply, it means being able to switch roles during sexual intercourse. A trans lady generally prefers to play the more passive feminine role that they are generally associated with. On the other hand, men generally assume a more active and dominant role like in a relationship between men and cisgender women. The matter is somewhat ambiguous though. Being “versatile” may include being comfortable giving and receiving oral sex as well as penetrative sex, which is why it’s better to clarify the specifics before making a hasty decision.

What do transwomen think about meeting versatile guys?

If one was to look at a trans dating site then they would find plenty of profiles of versatile men. A transgender could also have plenty of questions on their mind after learning that a guy is versatile when talking to them. They may wonder if the guy has had sexual encounters with men or how active they should be when dating.

It can potentially leave the trans lady feeling less of a woman than they want to be seen as. This is still no reason for you ladies out there to get frustrated though!

The reality is that even some men that claim to be versatile aren’t. They sometimes claim that they are in the hopes of attracting more transwomen to their profile, especially if they are new to the Transgender dating world. There are of course going to be some guys that prefer the more passive (bottom) role, just as there are trans-women who genuinely enjoy being more active (top). Everyone has their own individual preferences, so the actual sexual roles and compatibility of the couple is best determined by the couple themselves.

Should trans-women reject versatile men?

It’s true that men that are interested in dating Transgenders are not necessarily gay. It’s just that there are guys out there with this kind of sexual preference. If you’re a trans lady that wants to be treated as a woman then you won’t have to think twice about rejecting a versatile man or not. Even so, there are differences between liking someone and loving them. A healthy relationship is about being able to give and receive in every sense of the word.

This is why if you value the versatile man that you’re dating you find ways to make the relationship work for the two of you. The most important aspect of any healthy relationship is free will; allowing both parties to do what they feel comfortable with in a natural and safe way.


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