Although I am an openly Transgender woman, I was almost overwhelmed not long after I graduated.

Why? Well, I secured a job with a major Dutch company and was told that I would be based in Amsterdam for the first 18 months.

My excitement was palpable and I dreamed of living in the free-wheeling, anything goes capital of Holland. I knew there were lots of other T-girls in the city and the night-life was renowned for its diversity and tolerance of others who are different. There must be, I thought, plenty of men in Amsterdam looking to date a Trans woman like me!

If you are serious about finding a Transgender woman to date, think carefully. In reality, and be honest, where are you going to find her?

Or if you are a Trans woman, do you want to spend hours and hours hoping you might come across a Trans attracted man in your home town? Why don’t you just join MyTransgenderCupid and make it easy on and for yourself? After all, joining up if free for Trans women, and only involves modest fees for men.

It goes without saying that people join MyTransgenderCupid to find and date a genuine person to be their life partner. Both Transgender women and Trans attracted men hope to find the love of their lives.

They can search through thousands of profiles of other members, looking for the one who is right for them. During the course of their search, some Trans women get to know a wide variety of people. Some may not have had the chance to meet if they’d not joined an online dating site. Same for men, dating online gives a great opportunity to meet “kindred spirits” from amongst all of the other members online.

Dating online has become mainstream over the last few years. Especially for men looking for Transgender women to date. Sites such as MyTransgenderCupid have become widely known and accepted as being THE place to go if you are looking for a Trans oriented man or Trans woman as a potential long-term partner.

If you think about, the huge growth in using online dating sites should come as no surprise. After all, most of us pay our bills online, order groceries and are forever shopping for new clothes, shoes and all sorts of items on EBay or AliBaba and other similar sites.