As Australia’s most diverse city, Melbourne has a strong gay and Transgender community. The city has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene and attracts people of all sort of ethnicities, sexuality and gender. It is a veritable melting pot of people, with communities originally from the UK, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and many parts of Asia. These include Hong Kong people, Vietnamese, Thais, Filipinos and Malaysians.

The LGBTQI community is strong in Melbourne

Lesbians and gay men are very visible in Melbourne and this helps. At least to some extent, Transgender men and women. Such visibility leads to tolerance if not acceptance and it’s possible to see Thai Ladyboys or Trans-pinay women living openly.

Still, as with many Australian cities, Melbourne still has a little bit of a frontier mentality. This means that, for many people, everything is black or white. There are no in-betweens in terms of sexuality or gender and this can negatively affect the standing of the Transgender community.

Much of this inflexibility is, again, a result of religious dogma spouted by people who should know better. But, for Trans women in Melbourne it is a minor irritant and impediment in their quest for rights and acceptance. Australia, generally, is liberal enough to be able to accept gender diversity and the government has a policy of inclusiveness for all. Such policy is very much a necessity given the huge range of people emigrating to Australia. As well their different backgrounds and cultures.

Melbourne is very diverse socially and culturally

Melbourne is one of the key targets for immigrants, owing to its vibrancy and diversity. As a result, many Transgender women from all over the world settle in the city, looking to date and for love.

For many Asian Trans women, living in Melbourne is an ideal way to escape the issues associated with being Trans in their home countries. For Malaysian or Indonesian Trans women, the religious fervour in both such countries means it is becoming harder and harder to live a normal life as a T-girl. Religious police dedicated to finding and embarrassing (for example cutting their hair), then punishing Transgender women are rampant.

For T-girls of Hong Kong or Singapore origin, Melbourne offers the safety and anonymity which these small cities (in terms of land area) offer.

Reality of traditional dating in Melbourne

But what is dating really like for Transgender women in Melbourne? What are the chances of finding a man to love and build a relationship with? Perhaps even marry?

Sites such as TS dating site My Transgender Cupid are free for T-girls to join and contain numerous profiles of men looking to date Trans women.

Well, with Melbourne’s extensive range of bars, cubs and entertainment venues, you might think that dating for Trans women would be relatively straight forward. Given the liberal social environment, to some extent it is. Yet, there are other factors which come into play which make dating for T-girls in the conventional way rather difficult.

Some factors include:

  • Australian men like to portray an atmosphere of bravado and being macho pervades the male sector of society. To certain parts of the populace, even in Melbourne being seen to be dating a Trans woman may cause issues with workmates or family. The city traditionally had a high percentage of blue collar. Working class families from Eastern Europe where religious orthodoxy does not preach acceptance of anyone out of the ordinary.
  • Unfortunately, many men in Melbourne equate Transgender women with being prostitutes. Sure, there are Trans hookers in many clubs and bars but these are a small minority. However, their adverts in many local newspapers and magazines from Trans girls offering “services”;
  • Transgender women are, to many, seen as a sub-set of the lesbian and gay communities. There is little real understanding of the difference between gender dysphoria and sexual preferences

Transgender women can successfully date

Having said all this, many Trans women in Melbourne do date and successfully find a man to love and cherish them. The preferred route, though, is to enrol on a specialised T-girl dating site such as MyTransgenderCupid. Such a site only caters for Transgender women, their admirers and men who want to get to meet them

Sites such as MyTransgenderCupid are free for T-girls to join and contain numerous profiles of men looking to date Trans women. There are also Trans girls from Melbourne and elsewhere who are seeking men. New members join every day so there is a constant supply of fresh faces. One of the most important things to consider is that it’s possible to find the man of your dreams. Or the Transgender women who is right for you from the comfort of your home. No more getting ready, traveling to Melbourne city center. Or hanging around clubs or restaurants waiting to meet a sincere, genuine man.

You can screen your potential partner before you actually meet him or her. Not only that but you can chat online and get to know each other in a controlled environment. Much better than in a noisy bar where it is hard to hear what the other is saying. Or the risk of some misunderstanding occurring about the Transgender women’s gender status.

Melbourne can be a fun and engaging city, but for any Trans women looking to date, online dating is the only way to get results!


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