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The Philippines is world famous for its Transgender women (Trans-pinay).

The Philippines is quite an amazing country. The warm tropical climate, plenty of sandy beaches and quite diverse scenery—some of such scenery being listed as World Heritage (ie the Chocolate Hills). After 400 years under Spanish rule and then 50 is governed by the US, the country is a diverse mix of cultures and sub-cultures, including Transgender women and men. And, of course, it is home to the world-famous Trans-Pinay who some say are the most beautiful Transgender women in the world. One great thing is that many of such Trans women are actively looking to find a Trans-oriented man as a companion, partner or future spouse.

One great thing is that many of such Trans-women are actively looking to find a Trans-oriented man as companion.

Comprising a series of some 7,000 islands spread out over thousands of miles in the Philippine and South China seas, the country is as diverse in geography and cultures as you will find almost anywhere. Throw in the effects of the former colonisation and you will find that Filipinos are open and accepting people, despite the constraints of the domineering Catholic church. So, you are going to find Trans women in all of the cities such as Manila, Cebu and Angeles City… and in plenty of other places across the great Philippines archipelago.

Trans women abound in The Philippines

As a result of the aforementioned colonisation by Spain and the US, The Philippines is a veritable melting pot of people. Over the years, inter-marriage has blended the looks of the country’s people. Some have a strong Spanish heritage and “European” look. There are also many mixed-race children owing to the propensity of the American servicemen to date Filipina women when they were based in the country. Add to this the classic Asian beauty of high cheekbones and long black hair and there are plenty of attractive T-girls to be found in whichever city you are visiting in The Philippines.

As you’d expect, Manila, being the capital, and Cebu the famous tourist/diving destination are where the majority of Transgender women congregate. It’s clearly easier to find tolerance and/or acceptance in major cities. Although conservative and heavily religious on the face of it, Philippines’ society generally does not unduly cause issues for Transgender women. Accordingly, the Trans scene in The Philippines is widespread, vibrant and very visible.

There are Trans-pinay wherever you look in major Philippines’ cities

Coupled with its relatively relaxed lifestyle, living and dating in The Philippines is a dream to many Trans-attracted men. Beautiful T-girls everywhere. In Cebu, life for tourists revolves around beaches, diving, and eating out. In Manila it’s shopping, cultural events and, of course, eating, But this time it’s in trendy cafes and restaurants and bars. As a capital city life is never dull in Manila and there is always something to do, somewhere new to go.

But, of course, before you can take your beautiful Trans-pinay to some of Manila’s or Cebu’s great places or events you have to find the Transgender woman you have been looking for. If you want to avoid hassles, challenges and disappointments, then the best place to find a Trans woman in The Philippines is undoubtedly online.

Online dating in The Philippines avoids wasting time

If you are only visiting Manila or Cebu for a few weeks, time is of the essence. Or if you live in The Philippines, you are probably busy with work and have limited time to spend too much time looking for your ideal Trans woman. Isn’t it a good idea to find a quick and easy way to look for a Trans partner who shares your life goals, hobbies and likes?

In The Philippines, online dating with My Transgender Cupid is, almost certainly, the best option. It’s quite simple to become a member and the site has a vast array of T-girls from all over the country, looking for their “perfect match”. You can get to know a Trans-pinay in detail even before you arrange to meet her.

If you are serious about dating a Trans woman, being a member of MyTransgenderCupid is a far better option than adopting a “hit and miss” approach, where you are likely to miss more often than hit! The site specialises in introducing Trans-attracted men and T-girls who are looking for long-lasting relationships to each other.

MyTransgenderCupid has members from all across The Philippines. Filipino Trans women have an affinity for foreign men. Most are looking for a Trans-oriented man to date and take care of them, just like any genetic women.

Meet eligible Trans-pinay beauties on My Transgender Cupid

As one of the leading Transgender dating sites operating in The Philippines, we understand that everyone is different and has different requirements from a partner. Plus, people like to go through the dating process at a different pace. So, enjoy taking the time selecting the type of partner you are looking before you connect you with her or him. After all, establishing a long-term relationship with the right Trans-pinay or Trans attracted man is worth the wait.

T-girls can register for free. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions about yourself and you can begin to review those Trans-interested men who you feel are compatible with you. For men, all you need to do is log-on, pick a plan to suit, sign up and you are ready to chat with a Trans-pinay beauty almost immediately!

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