If you look through some of the better quality Transgender dating sites such as MyTransgenderCupid, you may notice some subtle changes over the last year or so. It’s the same as if you look through articles or features in the media, either in printed or digital form, about Trans women.

Times have changed and there has been an evolution across Europe and the US in the language by which most people use to refer to T-girls.

Why terms for Trans women have evolved

You might say that this is partly due to the “politically correct” society we live in nowadays. Or it may just be due to the increased awareness and visibility of Transgender women in everyday life. And with visibility and awareness comes education and understanding.

Trans women can regularly be seen on mainstream TV or in films. They can be seen in newspaper or magazine adverts or on fashion catwalks. Tolerance and acceptance of all Trans people are on the increase.

In short, it is no longer really acceptable to use derogatory or slang terms for women who form a large minority of overall society. Sure, there are still many people for their own reasons who prefer to denigrate minorities. Maybe it’s the way they have been brought up, to hate people who are different. To hate people of different religions or nationalities or who support different soccer teams. Or hate people who are different in terms of gender or sexuality.

Sometimes it’s fear of the unknown which causes people to hate or call others unpleasant names. Sometimes it’s due to the name caller’s own insecurities or problems. But, whatever the reason, the evolution towards Transgender rights and equality continues.

Gay people had similar challenges

In fact, the same things happened with rights and the language being used for gay men and women. Not so long ago we had gay people being barred from certain clubs and restaurants. They were not allowed to show affection towards each other in public, rent or buy homes in certain neighborhoods. Not allowed to get the appropriate health care, receive benefits upon the demise of their long-term partners, or even marry each other. Indeed, sexual acts between consenting gay adults were criminalized in many states and countries of the so-called civilized west.

Then there were the names. Poofs, benders, faggots, bent, queers (although this one has made a sort of comeback) were just some of the names used for gay men. Dykes, lesbos or muff divers for gay women. Gradually, as acceptance of gay people grew, many of these terms became obsolete and/or unacceptable—certainly amongst the educated classes.

When it comes to Transgender women, for many different reasons, progress towards non-discrimination is much slower and lags the gay rights movement by about 20-25 years. In fact, in the US, it might be said that with a far-right pseudo-Christian administration in power, progress has almost come to a standstill. But there is a sufficiently strong groundswell of opinion about equality and human rights to make this current bout of discrimination a temporary setback for Trans women in the overall scheme of things. 

Language in use for Trans women is still changing

There simply is too much awareness and acceptance and scientific proof that gender is a spectrum and that there is no such thing as being 100% male or 100% female. After all, we all possess characteristics from our mothers and our fathers. In case you have forgotten, this means we inherit both female and male traits! Binary people do not really exist and you only have to look at some of the videos on YouTube to see the myriad varieties of people who abound.

Well-known dating sites such as MyTransgenderCupid which aim to match genuine, sincere men with Transgender women are a great example for two main reasons. Firstly, the huge increase in their membership shows that more and more men are interested in T-girls. This increase in demand illustrates that awareness and visibility of Transgender women are on the increase. Yet it also shows that any stigma of men dating or marrying T-girls is on the decline. The general public is beginning to see Trans women for what they are: women!

Difference in language

You can also see the difference in language by comparing MyTransgenderCupid with some of the lower quality T-girl sites or those which are only trying to attract men for short-term sexual liaisons. Those other sites still talk about Trans women as “chicks-with-dicks” or “she-males” or “girls with cocks” or “Trans-escorts” or “Tranny(ies)”. Most of these terms are no longer in use in general society but seemingly have a place and are still used in the Transgender sex industry.

However, terms such a “Transgender woman”, “T-girls” or “Trans woman” or “gender fluid” are now much more in vogue.  These terms reflect a better understanding and awareness of Trans women in the world today.

To the outsider, what women in the Transgender community are called may not seem so important. Yet, if the terms and words being used to describe or refer to T-girls have negative connotations then it does not allow them to gain the respect and place in society which all minorities deserve.

It’s all part of evolution!