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Bogota: Discovering Love in a Conservative Society

The higher you go, the colder it gets – it is a saying that best describes this city. Usually, the temperature can shift quickly to a cool weather even if it started as a sunny day. It is abundant with mountains and walking around Bogota might be tough since there are many dead-ends. But everything will be worth it because there is a lot of gastronomical experience waiting for you here and finally you will meet your transsexual partner. Don’t forget to try their cheese bread called pandebonos and cheese-flavored rolls named almojabanas.

However, since it is part of Colombia and largely a conservative and religious country, discrimination against transgender community is pretty common even though a discrimination law based on sexual orientation has been passed in 2011. Some are attacked and cast out by their families and most of them end up being sex workers. But the good news is, same-sex marriage is legal since 2016. Though more progressive cities such as Tempe, Lyon, Toronto, and Montreal stay ahead of Bogota.

Are you pumped up to meet your transwoman girlfriend? Check out the places you can have a date and impress your partner.


1. Relax and have fun at Ciclovia

The Ciclovia> is a space made especially for walkers, runners, skaters, bikers and those who just love to stroll around. It is open from 7 am to 2 pm every Sunday and has been a tradition since 1999. You can bike around and take a free Zumba class with your transsexual partner. But if she’s not up for it, there are various food carts where you can just try every snack offered in Colombia. It is also an opportunity to hold hands and enjoy your partner’s presence.

2. Appreciate art at Botero Museum

Entry is FREE here but you’ll have a peek at the works of Colombia’s popular artist, Fernando Botero. Some renowned international artists’ works are also here.

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3. Take a good look at the fauna and flora of Bogota

Head to Laguna de Guatavita, a lake known with its famous legend where the natives of Chibcha praised their gods through statues made of gold. Many people have searched the gold for many years but no one has been lucky to find it yet. Tell your darling to be prepared because going here means climbing around 150 steps to get to the top. You will have less time to talk with your partner but this is a good bonding time and accompanied by an English tour guide.

4. Have a food tour

There is so much to discover in Colombian cuisine and its capital, Bogota, does not disappoint. You can schedule a tour with Bogota Foodie or Bogota Food tour. Don’t miss trying out bandeja paisa (rice dish), ajiaco (traditional soup), pescado pacific (pacific fish), and arepas (corn-based biscuit). It is nice and enjoyable to try out many foods with the one you love. You can even understand better what your partner really likes, so think of this as an additional knowledge you may gain when you proceed with the tour.

Dating Transsexuals in Bogota

Dating Transsexuals in Bogota

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