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It is a Cali Adventure When You Meet Your Transgender Partner

Dubbed as Colombia's third largest city, it houses several colonial buildings and unlike Bogota and Medellin it is not as refined. However, even if it does not boast an abundance of attractions or sights, there’s more passion here than anywhere else in Colombia – one you should expect from TS dating.

Just like other Colombian cities, homosexuality is tolerated here and gradually there’s a growing acceptance from the public. The first LGBT wedding happened back in 2013 and in the year 2016, LGBT people were granted full legal rights when they marry. Just a heads up, if you display public affection, some may react unpleasantly, so just be aware of that.

Got excited to meet your transgender partner? To help you in your dating plan, we made a list of impeccable spaces where you can take your trans-girlfriend.


1. Your visit is not complete without a salsa session

As salsa capital of the world, you should spend a night or few hours hitting the dance floor. There are a lot of dance clubs fondly referred to as salsatecas, so you’ll never have to worry about finding one. Let sparks fly as you build intimacy with your transsexual partner.

If both of you have no idea how to dance salsa, there are also establishment who offer beginner lessons. Tin Tin Deo, La Topa Tondra and Zaperoco are some of the foreign-friendly clubs where you can learn the dance.

2. Stroll around San Antonio neighborhood

San Antonio neighborhood has bright colored houses and each step takes you to another world each time you see the artistic graffiti designed walls. There are also painters who sell their artwork so if both of you love artistic creations, better buy a souvenir for you and your transsexual partner.

There’s plenty of time for you to reconnect with your partner. Plus, there are several restaurants here if you think it’s time to have a Colombian feast. El Zaguan de San Antonio offers a hilltop view and for those who are vegetarians, check out El Buen Alimento.

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3. Try activities on the extreme side

World Class paragliding is available here, you can both take tandem flights and jump together. Tracsails Colombia or Parapente Cali are two of the greatest companies who offer paragliding.

For a less thrilling activity yet something that will still give you the adrenaline rush, invite your date to rock and wall climbing. Go to Free Solo - Club de Escalada or Destino Escalada.

By doing at least one of the activities we suggested, you promote getting fit together – a pretty good start at establishing a relationship.

Dating Transsexuals in Cali

Dating Transsexuals in Cali

Don’t hesitate and visit your transsexual sweetheart after reading this. Book that flight you’ve been looking at these past few days. Turn your dreams into reality.

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