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Meeting Your Future Love in the Country of the Northern Lights - Copenhagen

Ranked as the world’s happiest country, a beautiful city lies in Denmark which is a good place to find a partner. Copenhagen is an LGBTQ-friendly city just like Stockholm and Gothenburg where anyone can be comfortable with themselves.

Copenhageners are open-minded people; regardless of sexual preference they will surely treat you equal- either you are a citizen of the country or a tourist. A famous slogan they used during World Outgames says, “Love of Freedom. Freedom to love” absolutely describes how being in Copenhagen feels like.

The lively city offers a feast for the eyes and mind, as art galleries, museums, theatres, and music venues can be found anywhere. The city itself unfolds their culture just by wandering around. Their food is also a must try including smorrebrod, durum shawarma, falafel, frikadeller, and others. Stopping by restaurants and trying out their authentic cuisines should be part of your activities when you visit. Now that you know are aware that Copenhagen is open for all, you might want to consider meeting your transsexual partner for a vacation. Surely, dating around the city will not prompt issues of hate and judgment from people.

Today, we listed date ideas that may be useful for you and your partner to have that unforgettable date.


Hands tied in Tivoli Gardens

Planning to have a walk in the morning or afternoon? Tivoli Gardens is the place for that. Not only is it a garden but also an amusement park. Surrounded by greens, it will surely give you a relaxing vibe. Both of you will feel like the place is a wellness center.

You will feel tranquil just by breathing the fresh air offered by Tivoli Gardens. It is a good venue to have a private talk with your transsexual partner. TS dating here is ideal since you can choose a place where there are fewer people or you can just simply lean on each other’s arms and feel the presence of each other. There are also nice restaurants and cafes around the corner, so you can also check that out.

Be mesmerized by the breathtaking view of The Round Tower

Get a chance to climb around a 209 meters spiral path and reach the top of the 36-meter tall tower. It is an old functioning observatory ideal if you and your partner love visiting historical places like this one as well as do some exciting adventure. An underwater tunnel is also located at the tower that is able to cross the Oresund Bridge. This budget-friendly attraction gives you the chance to have a great time with your darling and also a nice way to see the entire city.

Hang out with other transgender at Monastic

Copenhagen will not be labeled as a friendly city for no reason. A place to meet different people from the LGBT, Monastic is a hangout bar. Since Copenhageners loves dancing, you might give the dance floor a chance to unleash your moves with your partner. If you want to watch a live music performance, they also have the room for that. Their music lounges have a variety of music genre that is a pleasant option if you and your partner just want to have a good time. Tourists who already visited the place have given good comments telling others that it is worth traveling for.

Meet Trans-women in Copenhagen

Dating an Transgender in Copenhagen

Going on a date is a step to get to know each other better. Copenhagen is a place for you and your transsexual partner to explore around. Do not be afraid to try new things together as it makes the relationship between you and your partner stronger. My Transgender Cupid got you some awesome dating ideas! Not yet a member? REGISTER NOW for FREE!

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