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Dubbed as one of the most romantic places in the world, France is a popular destination. There are many reasons why people want to visit this country – from its natural beauty, lovely climate, recreational activities, museums, galleries, fashion shows, cuisines and, wines. There are just so many things to do here and My Transgender Cupid assures you that this is one of the best places out there to date a transwoman.

Just be prepared for your attire when you come here, they take their clothing and appearance seriously. That aside below is a list of things you want to know before dating a French transwoman.


There’s a continuous battle for transsexual rights

France is considered liberal. As with other countries in Europe, they have established laws which are still being subjected to issues with regards to the conservatism of other people. However, they are taking big steps in changing the world for LGBTQ community.

Take for example the support fund they have established with Netherlands and Norway in partnership with NGOs (IDAHO, ILGA, Amnesty International and FIDH) in creating an International Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity last 2010. It was set up to fight against homophobia and transphobia and help cases where discrimination of sexual orientation and gender identity are experienced. Nothing is perfect but at least you can be assured that your French transsexual partner is being protected by the law (though there’s a continued case where law is not being followed).

Protection of LGBT asylum seekers

Just last month, April 2018, there’s a proposed change to allow LGBT asylum seekers to reside in France where they experience mistreatment because of their gender identity. If this goes through, migrants who have a bad experience due to their same-sex relationship will have a chance to stay in the country and if ever their asylum request is rejected, they will not be deported. With this change, France is becoming one of the safest countries for LGBT community to live in. Though the process internally has still a long way to go.

Transgender people go through a difficult process to change their gender identity

Other countries such as the United States and the Netherlands have a fast process when it comes to changing gender identity. Here in France, the same thing cannot be said. Administration in France makes transgender people go through a long rigorous process. And even though France prides itself on being safe for the LGBT community, transwomen can be considered a minority. It’s not common to meet a French transsexual.

It is also not acceptable to give hormones to transgenders under 16. They are only allowed to start transition at the age 18. But living in France is quite good compared to other countries because you don’t live your life always in fear of getting harassed by people. So don’t worry about having a relationship with a French transwoman because everyone is treated equally.

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Dating an Transgender in France

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